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  1. Todd Katke says:

    Thank you both for being a world of inspiration. Kayak on

  2. Ron Horton says:

    The boyz passed Mile 1400 today!!! WWWOOOHHHOOO!!!!

    • Joe Webb says:

      Marc and Jim, I have just stared following you the past couple days. What an amazing adventure you are sharing about your journey. Especially appreciate the videos of how you packed your gear for Kayak and PFD, lot of useful pockets! I am in Pensacola where you started your journey “last year” and it looks like you may be on your final leg today 2/27 or close to it. Best of luck and look forward to hearing more about your experience with the Florida CT.
      My best,
      Joe Webb

  3. Dennis Hart says:

    What better way for me to spend some time snowed in here in Atlanta…I spent an hour or so this morning browsing thru all of your photostream pics. It makes me smile when I see how nice the weather has been lately for you guys. That must be a fantastic time. Well deserved after the rough start and getting beat up during the first 1/3 of the trip. Happy paddling guys! Dennis

  4. Ron says:

    Using highly scientific calculations based on careful analysts of Spokes’ YouTube videos, the boyz have paddled 923,040 strokes (each) thus far. They will paddle their One Millionth stroke as they reach Riverfront Veteran’s Park in Daytona Beach.

  5. Wes says:

    For those following Marc & Jim, they arrived safely in Flamingo, FL on Monday (1/13/2014), however there is no cell or wifi coverage at that location. They plan to depart Flamingo on Wednesday (camping overnight at Little Rabbit Key) before continuing on to Long Key where they will be able to provide updates on their adventures.

  6. Hanna Voleman says:

    Stumbled on your blog while surfing the net dreaming about yak trips. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll be following the rest of your journey. Safe travels!

  7. GT says:

    Marc and Jim keep those daily posts coming. Enjoy reading about your adventure. Hope the cold weather stays out of Florida. GT

  8. Dennis Hart says:

    Happy Birthday Jim! For your present I will do the “tailwinds dance”:) Glad all is going good for you fellas.Dennis

  9. Sandra Bellestri says:

    It was great meeting you two last night. Good luck! Have a safe trip!

  10. Dean C says:

    Jim and Marc, Sounds like everything is going well. I am tracking you guys from the compound over in G-town! Both of you stay safe and we will enjoy a cold one together in a few months. Fire in the Hole Baby! Deano

  11. How awesome,
    Hopefully the weather will work in your favor the rest of the trip. Enjoy…

  12. Scott says:

    Scott from Wisconsin appreciates the shoutout on your blog. Pleasure to meet you both, I would have enjoyed sharing a cold one with you and hearing your stories. I will settle for following you on your site to a successful end to your journey Safe travels. I hope you found a dry spot tonite

  13. BRUCE says:


  14. Gordon Lyman says:

    Merry Christmas guys… Still following your progress.. Nice job

  15. Joe says:

    Merry Christmas gents. Saw the article in the observer. Hope you are enjoying each moment. Very inspiring trip you are on.

  16. Sharon Davis says:

    Merry Christmas Jim. Glad all is okay. Saw the article in the Charlotte Observer. Be safe and enjoy. 🙂


  17. Dennis Hart says:

    Well Merry Christmas to you boys out on the water! Nice to hear you have great weather and tailwinds. That must be a thrill. Glad all is going well for you both. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year out on the journey. Advance Around:) Dennis

  18. Ron Horton says:

    Just uploaded 11-2 WBT Carolina Outdoors interview (the morning Marc and Jim left). Go to this page to listed to both the 11-2 interview and the one from 12-14.

  19. Ron Horton says:

    On Nov 14, the boyz had a great interview with the Carolina Outdoors show on 1110 WBT. You can listen to it – there is a link here:

  20. Trent McCranie says:

    Coming up on the Weeki-Watchee I see. Some of my old stompin’ grounds. Jim, you lookin’ a might rough in one of them pictures. Know you’re havin a blast. Be safe.

  21. Cris Orengo says:

    You two guys are the strongest guys I know….when I go to Florida I always order an extra long straw for my daiquiri so that I don’t accidentally do a sit-up! Stay safe boys!

  22. Dennis Hart says:

    Congratulations on the 500 mile mark! I hope the trip so far is all you both thought it would be. Farther south and the “Big Bend”, I think you called it, behind you means warmer weather and a more reliable push from the wind gods. Great talking with you Marc, it made me smile. Advance around boys!! Happy paddling. D Hart 🙂

  23. Sarah Hensley Conner says:

    OK Marc,
    I have been meaning to keep up with the two of you but due to flooding in my house, I have been a little busy. Finally I have a little time to live vicariously thru your trip. I really enjoyed reading the blog when you were traveling across country on the bike and I am sure this is going to be great as well. Good luck to both of you. Take care, have fun and loads of luck. Have a GREAT trip

    Sarah Hensley Conner

  24. bob says:

    Keep cruising and stay safe. Chase the adventure. we are watching from Eastern Carolina. Awesome

  25. Dennis Hart says:

    Hi guys-Still having a great time checking in on your journal and following you on the Delorme site. That cold weather must have been a shocker last week. I picture some of the days being a struggle with these cold fronts coming thru. Cold weather,wind and water would be a test for sure. It sounds like you both are really doing great! I always have co-workers stop by whenever I leave the tracker map up on the computer screen and then I get to tell them about your adventure. Good fun. Glad you had a nice Turkey day feast. Advance Around!:) Dennis

    • Dennis that cold weather was a shocker. Totally tested the limits of our clothing. Brrrr……,

      Thanks for the follow.

      BTW, I tell Jim every morning to go ahead since I’m gonna just do a slow paddle. Ha!

      I do flashback to all our good times on the bike trip. Great memories to keep me motivated

      Advance Around,


      Sent from my Verizon iPhone4


  26. Wes says:

    This “stealth camping” thing. Is that the same as trespassing? At any rate…Happy Thanksgiving.

  27. Marge says:

    Good talking to you. You look good.. Did I correct the spelling mistake..

  28. Dennis Hart says:

    Hey guys! Looks like its time for oysters and beer for you both. Best oysters around are from Apolacachicola(had to look up spelling) from what I hear. Glad all is going smooth for the most part. I am having a great time following along on the tracker sites as a day progresses. Thanks for sharing the adventure. Advance Around!! D Hart

  29. wwneal says:

    Likely fatigue setting in by now. Dr. Neal prescribes some rest and heavy drinking. Perhaps a cigar as well. Health and safety to you 2 pilgrims.

  30. Bruce says:

    Some of those fish would be good on the grill there boss. Happy Birthday jarhead.

  31. Michelle says:

    Hey Uncle Marc! The whole Gavel family is following your journey. The twitter updates are great! We are glad you are meeting lots of hospitable people along the way. Enjoy Apalachicola; it is gorgeous!!!
    Michelle, Megan, Mom and Dad

  32. Mike and Eileen Fain says:

    OK so Mike Fain totally relates to Bad Andy and his sunscreen regimen – isn’t zinc a major food group??? Go MARC!!!!! Now Jim – if you have Bad Andy what in the hell is your alter ego like or called or whatever??????? Enjoy the paddle and can’t wait to see you back in Charlotte.

  33. Kelly says:

    Hey guys! This is such an amazing adventure and the crew at Sunnyside Grill in Panama City Beach, FL is wishing y’all safe travels and fair winds! We’ll be following y’all!

  34. wolftravels2 says:

    This so cool ! I really wanted to this also. Maybe someday.

  35. Dennis Hart says:

    Hey guys- I am having a great time following along. I keep the DeLorme inreach web page open in the background at work and refresh it when I can. I keep the map on satellite view and enjoy watching how the day progresses. Big Daddy Marc- what is the round thing in the pic of your favorite equipment with your chair and the Joos? Safe travel fellas. ADVANCE AROUND!

  36. Rob Domico says:

    Me and the boys at the shop are following you now. Jim. . .don’t pull out that 6wt for no saltwater fishing. I learned you better than that. Be safe. Will be fun to track you going forward.
    The Shop

  37. Jim Hill says:

    I wish you guys the best and the hope for great weather! Sounds like the trip of a lifetime.

  38. Mike and Eileen Fain says:

    Marc and Jim,

    We just listened to your audioboo and could only think of 1 thing. PLEASE wear your skirts at all times – those FL folks will not know what to think 🙂 Just kidding but with all sincerity, be safe, be good to each other and above all else – have FUN!!!! Mike and Eileen Fain

  39. Laura Grice says:

    Thinking about you – know you’re having a blast!

  40. Gordon Lyman says:

    Godspeed guys! Jim… after this trip you can bring Marc up to circumnavigate the quarry in your Kayaks!

  41. Trent McCranie says:

    Godspeed fellas! Flora-Bama Lounge? I think Bocephus used to play that joint back in the day. Remember to make the right turn at Albequerque!

  42. Piper Charles says:

    Jim and Marc, you guys are crazy!! I love it!!! You are the great example of living life to its fullest! I hope to get to FL this winter and will try to check in on you both.
    AWESOME!! Paddle ON!! I will be watching your progress.
    -Piper Charles

  43. Russ King says:

    Good luck guys from Charlotte Fire Station 13! Paddle hard and stay dry. Don’t forget to yell that universal mating call…Whoooooo.

  44. Dennis Hart says:

    Less than a week away! Time for you guys to really get excited. Im sure you are very busy right just best of luck. And like cycling I think tailwinds would be helpful. SO happy tailwinds and “advance around”. D Hart

  45. Wes Payne says:

    Was it pythons or boas they were having issues with in Florida? Oh well you probably won’t run into either while camping along the coast. But now gators…….

    • Ha! They are having a python problem. But now I’m worried about Dusky Pygmy rattlers. I believe those little buggers account for more snake bites in Florida than any other- Yikes!

      Thanks for checking in Wes.



  46. John O'Hare says:

    Two wild and crazy guys! Looking forward to following your adventures Marc and Jim!

  47. Dennis Hart says:

    Hi guys- Having fun checking in on on the planning and equipment list. I’m sure that kick off day will come very fast for you. I will save my post kick off update checks for my lunch break at work, right when I need help getting over “the hump” for the second half of the work day. A little excitement to give me a boost. Happy planning!! D. Hart

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