Gear List

        • Sea kayaks–  Perception Essence 16.5
        • Lightweight paddle and spare paddle
        • Spray skirt/cockpit cover
        • U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device
        • Marine whistle
        • USCG-approved day or night signal flares
        • Waterproof GPS and extra batteries (Garmin GPSMAP 78 & eTrex 20)
        • Deck compass
        • Pertinent maps, NOAA charts and tide tables
        • VHF Marine Radio
        • Cell phone
        • SPOT (Gen2) Personal Satellite Tracking System (Marc)
        • DeLorme InReach 2-way Satellite Communicator (Jim)
        • First aid kit/medication
        • Towline/throw bag
        • Bilge pump/sponge/paddle float
        • Paddle leash
        • Dry bags, deck bag, and chart case
        • Sunscreen, sun hat, waterproof sunscreen, and long-sleeved, light-colored shirts
        • Polarized sunglasses.
        • Insect repellent/ThermaCELL
        • Rain gear
        • Appropriate clothing for anticipated weather
        • Water containers and easily accessible water bottle
        • MSR International stove, fuel bottles, fuel
        • Matches, lighter, and/or Swedish Fire Steel
        • Cook kit
        • Tent and/or hammock
        • Sleeping bag (sleeping pad/silk liner)
        • Flashlight and/or head lamp
        • Several feet of cord- 2mm for hanging food, separate 10-12 ft. section for drying line
        • Toilet paper with small trowel
        • Garbage bags and/or trash compactor bags
        • Pocket multi-tool
        • Repair items (duct tape, nuts/bolts, epoxy putty, super glue, sewing kit)
        • Biodegradable soap and pot scrubber
        • Camp towel
        • Ziplock bags
        • Zip Ties
        • Brass lock and stainless steel chain cable for securing kayaks
        • Joos Orange solar charger

Optional items:

Binoculars/Monocular, paddling gloves, camp stool, inflatable pillow, digital camera, and Tyvek or sil-nylon ground cover, etc…


13 Responses to Gear List

  1. Mark Prystauk says:

    Hello. I’m a friend of Tina Miles who told me about your trek. Congratulations on completing the trip! It must have been a great time.

    I appreciate the gear list. After your months at sea, did you end up with a preference between the SPOT and the InReach? …also, how was life in the Essence during that time?

    Thank you,

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