Track Maps

Jim and I each carried a different brand GPS tracker on this expedition.  We also maintained a “Track Us” page so family and friends could follow along in real time.  It was a big hit.

Check them out here:

1- Jim’s DeLorme “InReach Track” Page (Deactivated)

2- Marc’s Spot “Where We’ve Been”  Page (the device failed miles from the end.  Bummer)

New! Kayak Around Florida Route Log Map– Created after the trip, it displays all the geolocations we stayed or put in and took out.


11 Responses to Track Maps

  1. Ron Horton says:

    The SPOT “Where We’ve Been” map has been updated with waypoints through Dec 10 (Day 39).
    Mile to date: 453.6
    Avg miles per day: 11.6 (including Zero days)
    Predicted finish date at Ft Clinch: .March 12, 2014 (at that pace)

    • Doug Wright says:

      Ron, would you have a possible date they’ll be at Key West?

      • Ron Horton says:

        Let’s see, they left this morning (Mon 12/16) from Hudson Beach, mi 516. Key West is mile 955. They are averaging 11.7 miles per day (including Zero Days) so that would put them in Key West around Jan 23 – BUT I know they will have some more Zero Days during the holidays, so I’m predicting they will be there Jan 23 or later! Is that wishy-washy enough?

      • doug wright says:

        Ron,,,wow..what an accurate prediction!!!!!

  2. Bob Whytal says:

    Good for you. I am considering this it the AT trail.

  3. Doc Slawter says:

    Are you two alright???? Just call on Doc and Serge and we will be there.

  4. Ron Horton says:

    The SPOT “Where We’ve Been” map has been updated with waypoints from Days 1-9.

  5. Dennis Hart says:

    Hey guys- I am having a great time following along. I keep the DeLorme inreach web page open in the background at work and refresh it when I can. I keep the map on satellite view and enjoy watching how the day progresses. Big Daddy Marc- what is the round thing in the pic of your favorite equipment with your chair and the Joos? Safe travel fellas. ADVANCE AROUND!

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