In South Africa

Marc DeLuca is a North Carolina adventurer whose accomplishments include bicycling solo cross-country along the TransAmerica Trail westbound in 2008, thru hiking the Appalachian Trail northbound in 2009, and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro in 2016.

The 4400 mile bicycle trip from Yorktown, Virginia to Astoria, Oregon took 69 days to complete with only one rest day. He earned the trail name “Spokes” during the Appalachian Trail hike, lost 27 lbs., wore out 6 pair of boots, and grew one heck of a beard.

Marc published his experiences in online journals at crazyguyonabike.com and trailjournals.com generating over 520,000 hits combined so far. His mantra during the bicycle trip was “Advance West!” and on the thru hike “Advance North!”- little motivational sayings when the going got tough.

Finishing in Astoria, Oregon

The most amazing aspect of both trips was witnessing the stunning scenic beauty on a daily basis and meeting remarkably eclectic characters along the way. In many respects it was like traveling with the circus. He fit right in.

Summit of Mt. Katahdin, Maine

Circumnavigating Florida by kayak presents a different set of challenges but offers big rewards. “Choosing a water based adventure seemed like the next natural step on the milestone scale and from what I know about the paddling community so far, this voyage is going to be spectacular!” he said.

So what’s the kayak mantra going to be? Why, “Advance Around!”, of course……

The yellow yak

In his spare time, Marc enjoys long distance running, square foot gardening, cooking, trout fishing, learning, and researching new hobbies to satisfy his constant curiosity.