Waiting Out a Storm Front


A storm front passed through today dumping heavy rain and causing power outages in the Jacksonville, FL area. The temperature dropped as well.

We decided to lay low and not paddle in the rain. It was a good excuse for Jim to rest his achy foot and keep it dry. Elevating it helps too. The swelling continues to go down. Looks promising.

Our paddle continues tomorrow. Closer to the end, bitter sweet emotions are starting to manifest. Fighting off post travel depression will be in order. Marc’s already considering ping pong or speed stacking lessons.

We are still on schedule to finish Saturday March 1, 2014 landing around noon at the North End Boat Ramp at Fort Clinch. The ramp is also known as the 14th Street Ramp and the Dee Dee Bartels Ramp.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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9 Responses to Waiting Out a Storm Front

  1. Doc Slawter says:

    You both are hero’s in my book. Just think you two took on an impossible task of going around a state that was wild and free. And we live in a country that is free to do something like you two just did. I’m proud of you two and do want to see you again. YOU DID IT. Who wouldent be proud of you two. When I went to war I was just a kid but ended up a man. I went on a journey like you did. I had to walk it. And when the bullets flew by me I took it as work. No better job in life than helping each other on a mission of your undertaking. You are a team. Helping and showing this country that you can do anything you want when you have a team that is willing to do it. Love you two. DOC

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