Headed to Sisters Creek


Today was an early day. We awoke around 0530 hrs. in order to make it to the launch site at the Palm Valley Bridge by 0730 hrs. We expect to do another 20 mile day and land at the Sisters creek kayak launch. This is solely because of the tide table and our concern for crossing the St. John’s River. A flood tide begins around 1130 hrs. and we want that rather than an outgoing tide which will carry us towards the ocean.

Foot Update

Jim’s foot injury started draining yesterday. He’s done a good job of keeping it clean, dry, and covered with a gauze pad. The swelling appears to have subsided. Marc helps him launch and land his kayak so the foot stays dry. We haven’t let our guard down and continually monitor it.

Big Fish

After we launched, our friend Gus went kayak fishing near our pick up point. He caught a 32 inch redfish but had to release it since it was too long to keep. Wow! He managed to catch a sea trout too but it was too small to keep.


SPOT Update

Marc’s SPOT stopped working yesterday. The Power On button showed a red flashing light which indicates either a self-check hardware fault or low battery problem. He wasn’t able to send a Custom message yesterday upon landing. Funny, the device shut off automatically too.

This morning he installed new batteries and got a green OK light upon turning the unit on. However, none of his OK messages transmitted. The device flashed red again at the end of the day and would not transmit a Custom message. Very frustrating that the unit decides to crap out at mile 1485 of a 1515 mile journey.

He replaced batteries three times afterwards and called SPOT Tech Support. No help. The device now shows a green light upon powering on.

Hopefully it will continue working.

Advance and Ooze Around,

Marc and Jim


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5 Responses to Headed to Sisters Creek

  1. Marge says:

    What an adventure this has been.. Not only for you but for those of us who have followed you.. Don’t know which one I have liked best..the trail, the bike or this one.. Can only imagine what will be next..Glad to hear Jim’s foot is healing.. Know he will be glad to get home.. Still praying that all goes well.. Paddle on………

  2. Lisa says:

    I’m so excited for you guys!!! I can’t wait to hear that you’ve finished. Stay on top of Jim’s foot (not literally) and continued good luck with the St. John’s.

  3. Hope you make it before the Cold front hits down that way. Going to be in the 30’s again it looks like. Glad you are watching his foot closely as it is nothing to play with. Stay warm and and have a safe trip. Bg

  4. Maryellen says:

    Paddling in those waters above look delightful…hoping you’ll hit the tides correctly and get a boost in the right direction crossing St. John’s! A lot to think about and yes, you can’t let your guard down on anything really, especially Jim’s foot! Guess the drainage is good to get all that crud outta there! Hoping and praying for good results and ultimate complete healing! Hang in there you 2guys! You’ve done an amazing job keeping us posted as to your whereabouts and it is a highlight of my day to hear from you 2guys and know that you are safe and paddling and oozing around. Paddles UP!

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