Leaving St. Augustine, FL

Our Friend Gary LeVeille (middle)

For some reason we couldn’t sleep last night. Both of us tossed and turned. Perhaps it was the fact that we had to do a 20 mile day today and worried about how Jim’s foot would hold up.

Our buddy, Gary LeVeille, met us at the motel at 0800 hrs. with egg mcmuffins, hash browns, and coffee. It hit the spot. By 0830 hrs. we were dragging the yaks through thick grayish black mud along the shore at low tide. Somehow Jim was able to get inside his boat without getting his injured foot wet. With a wave goodbye we set off.

The scenery along this stretch reminded us of the paddling in the panhandle. Lots of flatlands and sawgrass.

We had our closest encounter with a dolphin today too. This one was very curious of our yaks and swam underneath both boats before surfacing on the right then the left of us. So close it made us a little uncomfortable.

One of the many derelict boats we paddle by everyday

Around 1030 hrs. the flood tide caught up with us and our speed increased to 4.5 to 5 mph. That made a big difference. We landed at the Palm Valley Road Bridge. Gus was there to pick us up. Yea!

Tomorrow is another day. We are probably going to do another long day while the tide table is favorable.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim

Note- Marc’s SPOT device failed to send an end of day ping from Palm Valley Bridge and shut off automatically. New batteries may be in order.

Also, Jim forgot to turn off his InReach. Thus the crazy track.


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13 Responses to Leaving St. Augustine, FL

  1. Jack says:

    Really enjoying your blog. Would love to do that trip myself someday.

    Happy paddling,


    jack Atkinson

    Douro Kayak Expeditions

    +34 609 51 71 35 jack@dourokayak.com


  2. RH says:

    Leveille, Windle and DeLuca—that is a murders row! (or maybe a successor act to the Three Stooges?)

  3. doug wright says:

    i’ve seen many abandoned boats in waterways and docks…is there a program in place to collect these boats?

  4. Maryellen self says:

    Sounds like a wonderful day…may each day bring recovery and more heing to Jim’s foot!!! Wow – a Dolphin encounter of the very close kind! Did you get any pics? You are blessed to have such good friends and angels taking such marvelous care of you 2guys! You deserve it! Hugs and blessings as you paddle on!

    • Maryellen self says:


    • Drats no pics. These encounters tend to happens way too quick. I keep trying. 🙂

      Sent from my iPad2


      • DOC says:

        You two are almost done. What the hell are you two going to do next??? We miss you over here in Hell. But it was great putting you two up that weekend. Be careful with that foot. An infection you don’t need. Take it from the old Nam medic. You Guys come back Ya Hear. DOC

      • Thanks Doc. Think we’re going to take some much needed time off. We should have had you here to give an assessment of Jim’s foot when it first flared up. Drats! Could have saved us a lot of headaches.

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