Take Two Pills and Call Me in the Morning


St. Augustine

We’ve been monitoring Jim’s foot to see if we can tell of any change. Getting better? Getting worse? Not sure.

One thing is for certain, a follow-up at the hospital is set for tomorrow morning. We are anxious to see what the doctors think. Mainly to determine if the right antibiotics were prescribed.

The follow-up will also determine our paddle schedule and finish date. Stay tuned.

Marc celebrates his birthday today!

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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28 Responses to Take Two Pills and Call Me in the Morning

  1. Anita says:

    Happy Birthday Marc!!! Hope Jim’s foot gets better fast.

  2. Patsy W. Kanagy says:

    Stay positive, the prize is around the corrner. Hope the news on the foot is good!! Patsy

  3. Ross says:

    Jim, I hope the news is good from the ole Dr. & Happy Birthday to Marc. Envy is an ugly thing!!

  4. Lisa says:

    Keeping my fingers crossed for Jim and Happy Birthday Marc!!

  5. Dennis says:

    Well Happy Birthday Big Daddy Marc! Not a bad spot for a B-day layover. At least you could find a birthday cupcake if you wanted it. With Jim hopped up on pain killers maybe he will sing happy B-day for you:) Hopefully Jims foot will be on the mend very soon and you both can have a nice enjoyable finish. I am having a Happy Birthday beer for you right now Marc. Bud Light w/lime,you remember those. Sorry you are hurting Jim and hope you you are 100% soon and finish with a big smile. Best wishes for the final stretch guys. D Hart

  6. Marge says:

    Ok, Marc.. I just threw the cherry pie out for the birds… Good talking to you..

  7. Maryellen self says:

    Happy Birthday Marc!!! 2 birthdays on this trip for you 2guys! What a way to celebrate!
    Sure hope tomorrow’s appointment is a green light for the treatment and recovery of Jim’s foot!!!
    Not familiar with his diagnosis..I thought cellulitis was from a congregation of fat cells, overeating, and lack of exercise! Got plenty of that! LOL
    Seriously though, I sure those are the right antibiotics and healing is complete and soon for onward paddling!

    • Ha! You’re thing of cellulite. Not to be confused with cellulitis which is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Thanks for sending the good vibes our way. Hope the doctors report is favorable.

      Sent from my iPad2


  8. Hanna Voleman says:

    Happy Birthday Marc!!!

  9. doug wright says:

    Happy Birthday Marc…

  10. Don Conner says:

    Happy Birthday Mark. Speedy recovery Jim. Hope you both get to continue tomorrow.

  11. MARILYN MARKS says:

    Happy Birthday, Marc. Hope your good birthday vibes help heal Jim’s foot!
    PS – I promise NOT to make you a cherry pie!

  12. casey says:

    Happy Birthday Marc. Jim, hoping the foot is better soon.

  13. Cynthia Britz says:

    Happy birthday Marc!!

  14. Marge says:

    Happy birthday , Marc.. I am saving the cherry pie I baked for you.. Will freeze it so it will still taste fresh when you get home.. Praying for a good report from the doctor tomorrow..

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