Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News…


Bobcat tracks were all over our camp site this morning. We ate and packed up quick to catch the tide out. We were also trying to beat the rain forecast for later today.

Jim’s foot was swollen, red, and on fire. It hurt him to put on his paddle booties, even more to push against the foot pegs of the yak. We’ve come to realize it’s probably infected.

The 14 mile paddle went quick. We somehow outran the rain. Our motel is the Edgewater Inn on the northeast side of the Bridge of Lions. There’s a beach so landing was easy.

Our friend and former co-worker Gary LeVeille met us here. He’s a professional photographer in St. Augustine so he grabbed some good pics as we arrived. Also here is our paddling friend Gus Bianchi. Wow!

After checking in, Gary drove Jim to an Urgent Care facility while Gus and Marc drove to a nearby laundromat to wash dirty clothes.

Bad News

The doctors at the Urgent Care will not treat Jim’s foot. It’s in too bad of shape. Instead they refer him to the the ER at the main hospital.

Once there, he’s shuttled in immediately and doctors diagnosed his foot as having cellulitis. Jim’s also running a fever. Their concern is the infection spreading to his blood stream. A very serious situation. Originally, the doctors wanted to admit him but when his white blood cell count came back only slightly elevated they began a course of IV antibiotics, pain meds, and Tylenol.


Jim was released several hours later and given a prescription for two different types of antibiotics and a painkiller. He’s on orders to follow-up with the hospital in 24-48 hrs. Immediately, if the redness spreads further. Yikes!

So for now, our plan is to stay in St. Augustine, re-visit the hospital on Sunday, and shove off Monday. We only have 70 miles left. So close yet so far.

We are fortunate to have Gary and Gus here to assist us during this little setback.

Thanks also to everyone who’s sent well wishes. It means a lot!

Special shout out to the doctors and staff at Flagler Hospital especially Charles and Tim. You guys rock!

Jim tried to draw our route around Florida for the Doc’s on his foot. Crazy!

Advance Around (with a sore foot),

Jim and Marc


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  1. I spent a long time in the birth canal…. It was cold out there!! The canal was cramped… Toes suffered!!

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      Well I guess that accounts for many of your other problems,,,,,we won’t go there in public.

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