Foot Loose, Fancy Free, and Double Digits

Jim woke up last night to throbbing foot pain. We thought his foot injury was getting better but it has yet to resolve. Red and swollen, we worry about infection now.

So as soon as we hit St. Augustine he will go to a minor emergency clinic to see what the doctor says. Our hope is for some strong antibiotics so he can get back to dancing around the fire at night.

That means we still have to paddle 14.5 miles tomorrow. But he’s been dealing with the pain for the past 5 days. Just no where to get medical attention. Pretty hard core on Jim’s part.

Tonight we’re on Mellon Island. It’s super nice. Land donated for conservation purposes by the Mellon family. Thank you!

Earlier we had a fly over by a curious helicopter just checking us out. Thanks guys.

Oh,and we hit the Double Digit Midget Countdown Zone today. Only 86 miles to go! Yeehaw!!

Advance Around,

Jim and Marc


About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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18 Responses to Foot Loose, Fancy Free, and Double Digits

  1. Debbi Clifford says:

    Hi Jim & Marc

    I hope that Jim’s foot improves soon and that its not a recluse bite! We’ve been following every day and I can’t believe that you are getting so close to the finish line! Seems like it was just a couple weeks ago that we met you paddling up Pine Log creek in Tate’s Hell to the LaLutra campsite. If circumnavigating Florida in a kayak was an Olympic event you two would be the favorites to win the gold medal! When this adventure is just a memory, please remember you are welcome to visit any time…we’d love to show you a few of our favorite areas to paddle on the Crooked River and Pine Log creek into Tate’s Hell swamp. Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of the ride.

    Debbi & Serge

  2. Well if he got bitten by a Brown Reclus spider over 5 days ago he wouldn’t be up at all by now. Still he does need to get it checked out quickly. My driving partner got bitten by one and with in 12 hours he was in the hospital intensive care. It was very “Red” and looked like a Target around the bite. High fever and went into some serious problems for him quickly. Hope you get him to the doc today. Glad you finally have the ending in sight. Got to go clean up after the bad storms hit here last night again. No Tornados but a lot of wind damage. BG

  3. Ginger says:

    You guys are awesome. Of course, I suspected as much all along but you have totally convinced me now. I have been following you all along and have enjoyed sharing your adventures with you. You definitely need to consider writing a book. Praying for Jim’s quick recover and for a safe and amazing journey ahead.

  4. Lisa says:

    Good luck with the foot Jim! I got bit by a spider in the keys on my elbow, never saw it so I never knew what kind but did find 3 sets of fang marks in the area and couldn’t move the elbow without intense pain for about a month. It sounds like maybe it could be something similar and antibiotics where definitely the answer.

  5. doug wright says:

    do ya’ll have a target date to finish?

  6. doug wright says:

    just be glad your not riding a bicycle around florida….

  7. Maryellen says:

    Sorry to hear Jim’s foot is not any better! That kind of pain sure takes the joy out of everything! Hope it’s nothing too serious and that the right treatment/meds will get him back to dancing around the campfire soon! Prayers for good health & safety for you 2guys! Paddle on!

  8. Leroy Harmon says:

    Jim, sound like you may have put your booties on with a Brown Recluse spider in residence, or maybe a Black Widow. You will have to learn to do as I did growing up on the deserts of Arizona. The last thing you did each morning before putting your boots on was to beat them on the floor then turn them upside down and shake them out. Also the first thing at night was to shake out all you bed covers before crawling in the sack. Florida is not as bad as the desert but we still have lots of creepy crawlies. Hope you get better and have plenty of luck for the next few days of your journey.

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