Boating Rules? What Boating Rules?


Raccoon paw prints were all over our yaks this morning. You could trace their steps as they scouted for any morsels of food. Thank goodness they didn’t damage the deck bags or chew through the hatch covers.

Today was marvelous. We paddled with a south wind and the tide in our favor. It makes such a difference.

We stopped by Veterans Park in Daytona Beach, FL to top off our water supply for tonight. All the homeless guys came out to watch us land the yaks and take off again.

Marc had his first “Bad Boater” encounter of the entire trip. A fellow and his wife were fishing along the shore and tried to block his path with their boat. Words were exchanged and Marc tried to explain the rules of boating in a most excellent way (let your imagination run wild here). Jim was too far behind to hear this conversation and later said he was sorry he couldn’t get in on the action.

Paddling on….. We enter the Tomoka Basin. There are a series of spoil islands that stretch the eastern shore. We stop at our designated spot- a sweet little cactus island. Another 17 miles in the books.

We are rapidly advancing on St. Augustine where we plan to take the last zero day (and motel stay) of the trip.

BTW, Jim’s foot seems to be getting better. It’s still swollen but doesn’t hurt as bad. He is now know as “Old Hot Dog Toes”.

Advance Around,

Jim and Marc



Jim’s Swollen Left Foot. Spider Bite? Maybe.


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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7 Responses to Boating Rules? What Boating Rules?

  1. doug wright says:

    hang in there guys.. dont let one idiot cause you any grief……keep ’em moving north…

  2. Charlie Brown says:

    First rule of boating regulations: avoid collision. I’d say you guys accomplished that mission. As to the jackass who does not understand that non powered boats are generally the stand on boat, there really is no way to teach a jackass how to read. Carry on gents. I have thoroughly enjoyed this saga. I’m glad I’m on my couch watching the 60 and not battling critters that want to eat me or bite me.

    Unless you have battled wind and chop in a paddle boat, it’s hard to explain. We canoed from our 40 foot Chris Craft during the winter for years. I never understood how it always happened that on our our bound leg we paddled on glass. When we turned for home, the wind was in our face and the white caps soaked us. Digging into a facing or cross wind just can’t be understood until you do it. But isn’t it fun?

  3. Maryellen says:

    P.S. Would’ve loved to have heard Marc’s expounding of boating rules! 🙂

  4. Maryellen says:

    Spider bite was my concern…sure hope it isn’t!
    Raccoons can eat through anything…good thing you didn’t have food in your deck bag. They can be pesky!
    Wow! You 2guys are advancing quickly to the end of your journey. I’m sure you’re having bittersweet feelings right now, but I’m sure you’ll be going on many more adventures…you just can’t keep 2 very good guys down! I’m honored to have gotten to follow your journey and many mini-adventures along the way. Great stories and great lifetime memories.
    Jim, get that foot looked at…paddle ON!

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