Big Foot and Silicone


Spoil Island at Mile Marker 1386

So many schools of fish swam under our kayaks today. Some big red fish too. We paddled past the shark bite capital of the world-New Smyrna Beach. Didn’t see a one.

The weather is nice. Blue skies and moderate temps. The silicone treatment of the spray skirts worked well. Bead of water are now running off the neoprene rather than soaking in. This should last us the rest of the trip.

We are trying to figure out an easy access location for a possible motel stay in St. Augustine. No luck so far.

The Municipal Marina suggested Anchorage Inn and Marina on the east side of the ICW. Tried calling but can’t get anyone to answer. Our friend Gus is researching some other options. He’s a guru at finding places!

Side note: Jim got some sort of insect bite on the top of his left foot a couple days ago. It’s pretty swollen. He put an ice pack on it yesterday and has been taking Benadryl. His new nickname is “Hop Along”.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


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5 Responses to Big Foot and Silicone

  1. Lisa says:

    wonder if it could have been one of those little scorpions I mentioned previously?

  2. Paula McCabe says:

    You might be in for a fun sight on Thursday evening. There is a night launch scheduled to take off from Kennedy Space Center. Here are the details:

  3. Patsy W. Kanagy says:

    Hope Jim’s bite is not a recluse (splg ?) spider bite. Keep a keen eye on it. If it gets worse he may need medical care. I know you are getting excited to know you are close to reaching your goal. You guys are terrific!! Patsy K.

  4. Maryellen self says:

    Glad to hear the silicone spray is working well in your spray skirts. That spoil island looks nice. Weird to look across the water to see civilization! Jim, hop along, what have you done now? Hope swelling goes down soon! And hope it’s not a spider bite! So taking the Benadryl offsets the clumsiness from the hop along??? I think a video us in order Marc! LOL Marc hope you enjoyed time with your sweetheart!

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