Cold Weather Gear Swap


Voted “Best Sign Seen” So Far

The weather is changing as we paddle further north. The night temps have dropped and the daytime highs have too. Some of this is probably due to the monster cold front that caused the latest massive snow dump along the east coast. The bitter end of the front brought some pretty impressive winds on the water in Florida too. Wow!

Our gear guy, Barney, drove to Titusville, FL so we could swap out gear. We’ve notice our spray skirts (Seals Extreme Tour 1.7) are absorbing more water than repelling lately and eventually our clothes become soaked over the course of a paddle day. Being wet and cold is not good. Hypothermia is a risk in these conditions. Our solution to the spray skirt issue is to use some silicone spray on them in hopes it will get us through the last 100 miles.

We continue to paddle during this gear swap visit. We are almost in the two digit midget countdown zone (thanks Warren J.)

One big surprise was a visit by Marc’s girlfriend. He had no idea she was coming and she was waiting at the hotel. He walked right past her before finally noticing her. A jaw dropping experience. A shoutout to neighbor Bob A. for being in on the ruse.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


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6 Responses to Cold Weather Gear Swap

  1. Maryellen self says:

    What a great surprise for Marc!!! Can’t believe you 2guys are getting to the of are already in the less than 100 miles to finish zone! Wow is right! Hoping your gear will hold up for you and keep you warm and dry…hypothermia real risk under the conditions you are experiencing. Stay well and paddle on!!!! It’s been a real joy to meet and follow you 2guys! Blessings, hugs, and prayers! 😉

  2. Gary LeVeille says:

    It’s been wonderful following your exploits, but now as you near St. Augustine…do you have a “wag” as to when and where you’ll beach?

  3. 007pandas says:

    As a travel adventure via motorcycle and now preparing to hike the big 3 long distance hike trails in the US, your daily accounts of your adventures are truly inspiring reading for which I have posted a new addition to my bucket list of to do activities. Keep up the great adventurous spirit. Stay safe and I look forward to continue reading of your adventures!

  4. doug wright says:

    I’m sure hoping Al and I can be there at the end…keep paddling guys.

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