Hug the Leeward Side, Avoid the Fetch!


Cape Canaveral

We experienced the most violent storms of the trip last night. The front rolled in with a vengeance. The wind howled and palm trees shook. We could hear stiff snapping and breaking around us but luckily nothing pierced our tents. Then the lightning came. Wow!

Our tents held up marvelously. They bent over a couple times but popped right back. Yeehaw! What a ride

As soon as we got up the next morning we checked our SeaTow app for the marine weather report. There’s a wind advisory in effect until 1900 hrs. West winds 20-25 knots with gusts to 30 knots. Small craft prone to capsizing it warns. Hmm…..

We eat a hot breakfast and decide to risk it. All we have to do is make it across the channel then hug the west shoreline. We hope it will provide enough of a barrier against the wind.

The middle of the channel was the worst. Rough chop and water crashing over the decks. Somehow we made forward progress. Once again dolphins surface just a few feet in front of the yaks. They love the churning water.

The shoreline offered us some relief. We paddle so close we actually pass under most every dock along the way.

There were only two other times we paddled into the fetch*. That was when there was a jetty like section of land coming off the shore. Getting around was a pain.

Tonight we are at Manatee Hammock Campground in Titusville, FL. They have a laundry and hot showers. We also walk 1.3 miles and grab some Chinese food and stop by a Publix grocery store. You have to work for everything you need on the trail.

Oh, our campsite is directly across from Cape Canaveral. We can see the Vehicle Assembly Building across the bay. Cool!

BTW, we have been watching news reports and following the Twitter feed about all the snow our hometown of Charlotte, NC is getting. The roadways are gridlocked and the Governor has declared a a State of Emergency. Our thoughts go out to everyone back home. Stay warm and safe!

Advance Around!

Marc and Jim

* Fetch
1. The distance across water which a wind or waves have traveled.


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4 Responses to Hug the Leeward Side, Avoid the Fetch!

  1. Maryellen says:

    Wow! Mother Nature wants to make sure this is a trip to remember! Glad you survived the violent storms and are paddling on! Following your course intently and continuing to send good vibes and prayers for your safety, health, and success! Blessings as you 2guys paddle on, around, and UP! 🙂

  2. doug wright says:

    that’s the vehicle assembly building that you see, where the rockets are put together before a launch.

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