Living Near a Bridge



Our view tonight and tents in the deep thickets

The sounds of dolphins blowing greeted us this morning. They came in packs to feed near our island campsite. The island is shaped like a comma with a submerged sandbar tail. This creates a natural barrier for the dolphin to herd fish into. Watching them hunt for food is always amazing.

We got a south wind and some good current today. That propelled us toward a little stealth site we scoped out on Google Earth days ago. It’s near the Pineda bridge. Virtually secluded from the roadway. We set up our tents in a thicket of trees. Just enough space. The beach is minimal.

Up the steep embankment and across the road is a restaurant where we enjoyed Chicken Augusta. Our bellies full we walked to a convenience store to get Gatorade and some fresh water to stave off the dehydration of late.

Tomorrow we have a short paddle to a spoil island. Thunderstorms are expected and the temps drop. Always good sleeping in a warm sleeping bag when the rain comes.

We continue to “run the numbers” trying to nail down when the likely finish date will be. Looks like the last weekend in February. Maybe February 28 or March 1? Who knows? Too many variables.

Coordinating all this gives us a headache in more ways than you can imagine…

Advance Around!

Marc and Jim


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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4 Responses to Living Near a Bridge

  1. Ken Lindholm says:

    When you build your big fire on the beach do you beat on your chest like Tom Hanks in Cast Away?

  2. Maryellen says:

    Love the dolphins! I can’t even begin to imagine the logistics involved in an adventure of this magnitude! Kudos and blessings as you continue on! Hard to believe how close you 2guys are to successfully completing your adventure! WOW! Paddles up!

  3. Lisa says:

    I’m going to assume that you’re staying on the first island north of Pineda Causeway. This was my old weekend hangout. Great camping area’s to pick from all the way around the island. Enjoy and stay safe with the ensuing weather. It looks a little hairy on the news.

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