Water Like Concrete

Not a whole lot to report. We paddled in headwinds again. Not as bad as yesterday but still taxing on the body.

Days like this make you feel like you’re paddling in concrete. Stiff, gooey, thick concrete. Both of us are complaining about shoulder aches and pains. We usually start and end the day taking plenty of Vitamin I.

Our goal today was to make Gifford Point. After 20 miles we pulled into a pretty dismal site. Overgrown, weed covered, and dotted with tree stumps. Virtually no where to put a tent. This was a stark contrast to the other spoil islands we passed throughout the day. They looked pristine.

We decided to move on and found what appears to be a utility access area right on the water. A nice clearing is perfect for the tents. So home it is.

Getting dark now and the temps are dropping. Better get some calories in our bodies before we begin to shiver.

Advance Around,

Jim and Marc


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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8 Responses to Water Like Concrete

  1. Lisa says:

    Sorry to say I find it amusing that you guys are paddling into a headwind on the east coast most of the time. When Randy and I paddled and were heading South it seems that we always had a headwind too. Funny, not really, how that works. Also, I know you’ve already booked your room and everything at Captain Hirams, which I am also surprised it hasn’t been listed yet, but there’s a less expensive and what I think is a nicer place about a block North West of them called Davis house Inn. I would like to know which way you’re going to go once you get just south of the Spacecoast area since you have 2 routes to choose from.

  2. If you can find a Wal-Mart at or able to go to one, go get a jar of BLUE-EMU and rub it on those sore muscles. Works very fast, no ODOR and has helped many folks with the needed pain relief and soreness. BG

  3. MARILYN MARKS says:

    Oh! Doesn’t sound like fun today. May the “rack monster” take over and give you sound, sound sleep. Our prayers are with you – in fact, we are bothering God most all the time!

  4. Maryellen says:

    Dang! Y’all are not making me feel like I’d rather be there right now! I’m not keen on paddling through concrete either!
    You 2guys are still not restored to your normal health and so it makes even easy paddling days tough and the tough days even worse! So sorry you passed up pristine places to call home for the evening. Maybe pushing too hard?
    Hope you 2guys will feel better soon and be able to enjoy your paddling. Sounds like an Advil PM kind of night. Prayers for your strength and joy to return. Paddle On and UP!
    P.S. Calling for snow and cold tonight in KY!

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