Tough Day and Bobcat Warnings

Lots of manatee hanging around the spoil island shore last night. You’d hear their grunts as they poked their snouts out of the water. Fun to watch.

In the morning the dolphins moved in. They stake out the waters here at low tide and catch fish ( ambush them really).

The skies are overcast and rain is on the way. We leave late to try and time the tides. The real problem is a storm front has kicked up north winds. Golly feels like we are back in the Gulf!

We gut it out all day long and try to do 24 miles but come up short. We’re running out of daylight and we hurt. So we start looking for a place to stay. We find a spot just south of Ft. Pierce Inlet State Park. It’s a pretty buggy location near an access road. Oh and there are signs warning of bobcat activity. Just one more critter to add to the list….

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


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13 Responses to Tough Day and Bobcat Warnings

  1. Maryellen says:

    Did you hear about the lady in Tullahoma, TN, who ran over something she thought was road kill? Turns out it was a bobcat which then ended up inside the grill of her vehicle. Alive and growling at them, they left the bobcat inside the grill, and it escaped during the night causing a little damage to the vehicle.
    I’ve been around as many as 50 manatees at a time in Crystal River, FL/Three Sisters’ Springs and then in the wild on the Chassahowitzka. For some reason, I was never afraid of them. I’ve had many manatees swim under and beside my kayak and come up…I would be afraid of a gator though!!!!!
    Rufus sounds intimidating!
    Any kind of mileage sounds impressive on a day like that…you 2guys are doing great! Hang in there, get your rest and get well. It’s amazing how far you’ve come and what you’ve already been through. Paddle on and UP! Hugs, Prayers & Blessings from your greatest fan!

  2. Lisa says:

    Be careful of those Manatee! They lifted Randy out of the water a couple times. As far as the bobcats are concerned, they’re kind of like the gators, they’re more afraid of you than you are of them! A loud noise will scare them off in a minute (funny how I’m more afraid of the manatee than the bobcats)!

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