Spoil Island MC3


After a full afternoon courtesy of Dan, we slept like babies. The motel has a light continental breakfast so we indulge. Something about cold orange juice in the morning that gets you going huh?

Dan meets us at the motel at 0730 hrs. He brings a friend Pete. They’re here to help us get the yaks back into the water off the high dock. We have to also get the boats down a steep wooden stairway to the water. It’s low tide so that helps.

We load the yaks up top near the pool then drag them into position. We’re glad to have Dan and Pete here. Four is better than two in this case.

After saying our goodbyes we drift away.

Our schedule over the next several days has us camping. There are some 20+ miles mixed in. Shouldn’t be too bad as long as we catch the tides just right.

Funny thing about tides. They can be your best friend or worst enemy. We use an app called “Sea Tow” to get weather and tide information every morning before shoving off. It’s free and surprisingly accurate. Lots of hidden features makes it great for kayaking.

Looks like some heavy rain clouds building to the west. Gotta go button up the yaks and tidy up the tents before the rain comes.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim.


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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6 Responses to Spoil Island MC3

  1. Maryellen says:

    Sea Tow sounds like an awesome tool. You are going to be so good at this that you won’t even need it by the time you get through! 🙂 Don’t get too spoiled…lots of paddling yet to do LOL! Glad to see you enjoying yourselves! Prayers as you Paddle on and UP!

  2. Moroccosam says:

    When I was younger me and a buddy camped on that same spoil island. We took shrooms and my friend saw a manatee near the shore and freaked out! Good times! These are the last spoil islands till you reach Ft. Pierce. From there onward there are tons of islands.

  3. Lisa says:

    MC3, my favorite island for beer and pizza. There’s a canal straight across from the island, if you go up it about a mile there’s a grocery store, west marine and a pizza place. I was the kayak pizza delivery girl when I was there on my second attempt with Randy, Gus & Carl. Stay strong, maybe I’ll c u guys before this is all over for you.

  4. warrenj says:

    As your paddle further north the tides change a bunch – eventually 8 feet difference between low and high. What’s strange is that the water rises and falls without providing any current. There is one section (2 days), in your near future, Port St. Lucie I think, where the water runs like a flooding river. Hope you time that one better than I did.

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