Jupiter, FL….. Out of this World


Approaching Jupiter Inlet

Marc didn’t sleep well last night. Not sure why. Jim coughed most of night. Not to worry. We are over the worst of this bug.

The skies were overcast when we got up. Even looks like dark rain clouds north of us. We take our time, eat, and pack. By the time we drag our boats to the waters edge the clouds were breaking up.

The ICW in this section is very wide. Good. Keeps us out of the big boat traffic. There is only one section that concerns us- Jupiter inlet. It’s a large inlet and the concern about current is always in the back of our minds.

We float fast today. The current is once again with us. Our GPS units say we hit 5 mph most of the day. Not much aquatic life sightings today. The water has gradually turned from clear to brackish brown. We heard the last of the clear water leaves us once we pass Jupiter, FL. Drats!

As we approach Jupiter Inlet we paddle next to each other and map out a crossing strategy. Which side to paddle on? What’s our drift? Which way is the current pushing us? Any larges boats coming in or going out?

Our route takes us on an “S” shape course through the waterway. A dog leg right, then left up another channel. Over shoot it and we end up out in the Atlantic. Don’t want to do that.

We negotiate the turns successfully and make it to the next channel. Now we stop paddling to grab a drink of water and a quick snack. Our hotel is just about 2 miles away.

As we approach the Jupiter Waterfront Inn, we see a gentleman standing on the dock waving us in. It’s Dan Thompson, Vice President of the Florida. Paddling Trails Association. He’s been following the blog and wanted to stop by meet us. What a great surprise.

Dan was so nice. He helped run interference for us at the hotel concerning the storage of our yaks. Plus he did our laundry and took us to lunch. As if that wasn’t enough, he drove us to Guanabanas and the Square Grouper (famous local watering holes) for cocktails. Amazing hospitality! We are blown away.

Advance. Around,

Marc and Jim

Dan Thompson with us in Jupiter, FL. Thanks for everything!


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4 Responses to Jupiter, FL….. Out of this World

  1. Maryellen says:

    Another great paddling angel! I know it was so appreciated, especially when least expected!! I was so willing to treat you 2guys to drinks and dinner at KiKi’s but you 2guys turned the tables on me…what sweethearts you turned out to be (but I really wasn’t surprised)! You are experiencing so many amazing sights and different types of water all around Florida. What priceless and treasured memories! 🙂 Try to get as much restorative rest so you can complete your journey in good health! Prayers, hugs & blessings as you paddle on and up the east coast! 🙂

  2. Moroccosam says:

    Your almost at my inlet the st. Lucie! Love your blog read it every day. I hope you have a good time in Jensen beach.

  3. doug wright says:

    what are ya’ll gonna do when you finish??? you’ll be lost

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