“Wake” Me When it’s Over


One of the many drawbridges we pass. Gotta watch the currents as you pass by!

The guidebook warns us about this section. Excessive boat traffic, narrow channels, and large wakes can wreak havoc on a kayak. We proceed slowly and try to stay well to the side of the waterway. After all, this is a highway for boats.

Watch a Video of the Wake Action Here

Most of the way there are signs warning boaters to go “slow”. Ha, ha, ha. Plus there are lots of areas designated as manatee protection zones that mandate slow speeds too. We see why. There are dozens of manatee around here. So many in fact, we get use to spotting their telltale swirls in the water ahead of us.

These guys are huge. Our fear is running up on a pod ( or is it herd?) and spooking them. They’ve been known to capsize a kayak. Either from being startled or their desire to “make love” to your hull. This involves them wanting to rub up against your boat in the heat of passion. The end result is a flipped yak and a wet exit. No thank you.

The current and wind has been with us the past couple days. We’re thankful since we both aren’t operating at 100 percent due to these flu-like symptoms. The OTC meds seems to have helped and hopefully we are on the other side of whatever bug we’ve contracted.

We made it to the Fairfield Inn in Palm Beach, FL. They have a very small beach landing on the south side of a sea wall. Luckily we were able to hoist our boats over a small row of hedges and secure them with a cable lock to a fence for safe keeping. Laundry and a hot shower will feel good.

One of the best parts of this visit was that Jim’s girlfriend was able to visit here especially on the heels of Jim fighting the flu. What a great timing!

Thank you everyone for all your emails, comments, and prayers wishing us a speedy recovery. It’s means a lot.


Marc and Jim


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  1. Maryellen says:

    Love the title! The manatees love the canals and IW during winter. Take care of yourselves and hope you are recovered soon from your flu-like symptoms! Hugs, prayers & blessings as you paddle on and around (well, you’ve done the around thing)…now just paddle on up the east coast…every day closer to your goal! 🙂

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