Sweat the Flu Out?


Giant Red Starfish off Key Biscayne

Jimmy was progressively getting worse. His cough became more deep and his demeanor changed. You could see he was feeling weak. We walked the 2 miles to the grocery store to buy over the counter meds and Gatorade. Marc was fighting the flu too but he thinks the flu shot he got back in October may have saved him from the worst of it. Still he tossed and turned all night long. Sweating and freezing. Body aches and pains come and go.

The morning brought rain so we slept until 7:30 before firing up the camp stoves and fixing our oatmeal and hot tea. We took our meds too. We spoke to the camp host here, Mike, and he offered to transport our kayaks on the back of his pickup truck to the beach landing where we came in from. What a big help that was. We begin our paddle under cloudy skies.

We continuously ask each other how we’re feeling throughout the day. “Are you drinking enough water?” “When was the last time you peed?” Important stuff. Gotta look out for each other. Right?

The route today takes us in a busy section of the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway). This is where large commercial freighters and cruise ships dock. They make our 16.5 foot kayaks look like a speck of sand on the beach. There are big cruisers and water taxis operating here too. We maneuver well out of the main channel but still feel the large wakes from the passing boats.


After 17 miles we make it the Doubletree Gallery One Hotel. Our guidebook says it has a high dock that can be a challenge. Of course we arrive near low tide which makes it impossible for us to exit out yaks. There was, however, a moored yacht here. We end up using the aft deck of the yacht as a jump off point then hoist our yaks up onto the dock. Whew! We’ll worry about how to launch tomorrow.

A hot shower awaits. Time to drink some more water, grab a hot meal, and get some much needed sleep. Hopefully our flu symptoms won’t get any worst.

Advance Around,

Marc and Jim


The Crazy High Dock at the Doubletree Gallery One Hotel


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7 Responses to Sweat the Flu Out?

  1. Maryellen self says:

    You 2guys earn more admiration and respect with each passing day and the challenges you have faced and continue to face and conquer. Just hope your hard-core mindset and “bring it on” manta doesn’t cloud your judgment when it comes to your health. I’m sure you’ll know if/when it’s time to seek medical advice and meds! Praying for your safety and your health as you paddle on and around! You’ve got this!!!

  2. Casey says:

    Hey guys. Hope you get to feeling better. You are hard core. Enjoy the blogs. Stay safe.

    BTW, it’s the intracoastal waterway, not the intercostal waterway

  3. The term glutton for punishment comes to mind – wishing you well!

  4. warrenj says:

    That’s is the very best hotel that I have ever stayed at – off season, and they gave me a free upgrade… two big screen tv’s, 7 big chairs and the biggest (single person) shower that I have played in.

    Watch for the tide for the morning launch. I had to land using the ladder; left my yak between the bow of the cruiser and the dock; but the morning tide was an easy load and seating.

    Only one more tuff dock-landing ahead and then skate-city!

    Are you enjoying the ricochet waves from passing boats? Wait till you hit the area where there are no speed limits……

    • Yes we are enjoying the waves. But they are mild compared to the 11 foot seas and high energy, paddle snapping, stuff we’ve experienced a few hundred miles back. We say- ” Brung it on!”.

      Advance Around!

      Marc and Jim

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