Big Houses, Big Ships

The Atlantic side of Key Biscayne was placid. It reminds us of the Gulf. Virtually no wave action.

After breakfast we lugged our gear to the yaks and began our well tuned process of loading all our gear. Everything has it’s place. It takes us about 30 minutes. Then we launch.

We will paddle very near some large commercial shipping lanes as we approach the Miami area. Nothing we can do but keep a watchful eye out and plan our crossing at the most opportune moment.

We spot a bunch of huge red starfish today. They are everywhere. Marc took some pics and a video on his other camera and will upload them as soon as wifi access is available.

As we approach the main channel we hug the left shore as long as we can then begin a dart across when the coast is clear. Only one large ship in the area and we wait to pass it astern. The wake was substantial but we’ve seen worse. (Note to self: The narrowness of the channel and the sea walls amplifies the wave action).

We decide to modify our route and take a scenic paddle by all the big mansions owned by the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Charlie Sheen. These places are magnificent to look at from the water.

Afterwards we paddle to Teachers Island, a small dot of land we will call home.

Advance Around,

Jim and Marc



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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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4 Responses to Big Houses, Big Ships

  1. Maryellen says:

    Looks like a beautiful place to call home! Thankful for your safe passage across the channel! Paddle on and around! 😉

  2. Nancy Mayer says:

    Look forward to your journey every day. Be safe. Nancy

  3. Trinka says:

    Beautiful white stretch of beach. We have white frozen stretches here. Stay safe as you paddle on. Trinka

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