Blustery Day


This lady said our blog is very popular in Ecuador. Who knew?

We awoke to windy conditions and chilly temps. After a hardy breakfast Gus drove is to our launch site- a sweet little spot off Pirate Road near Little Torch Key.

Off we went. The current near the inlets was substantial but the wind at our backs helped us maintain a steady 4-5 mph track. In fact we rode waves most of the day.

Spotting wildlife today was minimal. We did see a huge loggerhead turtle and several big tarpon though.

Before we knew it, we were at our pick up location at Geiger Key beach.

After loading up the yaks we grabbed a quick shower then headed out to do shopping and hit a couple dive shops. Marc needs some cold weather gear to get him through the next section. His thin Italian blood can’t take it!

Lunch was pizza at the No Name Pub. Nice place if you can find it.

Tomorrow we end in Key West. Stoked.

Advance Around,

Jim and Marc


Dollar bills on ceiling at the No Name Pub


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3 Responses to Blustery Day

  1. Humm? All the way up to 29 here this morning. Going to hit the Boat Show and will look at those Kayaks and see if I need two of them so I can float in them. Will stick with the Jet’s Have a safe day and looking forward to your next post. BG

  2. Marilyn Marks says:

    It’s 25 degrees here, Kim’s water is frozen and you’re headed to Key West. What have I done wrong?????

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