7 Mile Bridge!


The alarm clock sounded early today. Gus cooked us scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast. Just the protein we needed for our planned 22 mile paddle. The weather calls for minimal southwest winds. That means we will be dropped off at mile marker 40 and paddle up to mile marker 62. Yes, backwards.

This section includes the 7 mile bridge. We launch from Veterans park. The first thing we notice is how remarkably clear the water is. The current is also substantial. Our yaks drift towards the bridge and we end up having to paddle on about a 45 degree angle just to maintain our course. No problem.

Today the aquatic scenery was spectacular. We spotted hundreds of flying fish. They dart out of the water in front of us all day long and make us smile. Several leopard rays swim under our boats and even a puffer fish. Cool. We marvel at an 6 foot nurse shark hanging out next to a lobster pot.

But the two most stunning displays today came when an 8 foot sting ray jumped out of the water right in front of us. So violent, it resembled a polaris missile being shot out of a submarine. Our jaws dropped. Then later a very large tarpon jumped out of the water too. What a phenomenal experience.

Advance Around ,

Jim and Marc



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7 Responses to 7 Mile Bridge!

  1. Maryellen says:

    You 2guys are making great progress! You may already be back up and around the Keys before I even get down there but that’s ok, as long as you 2guys are advancing around…sure would’ve loved to have met you 2guys though. Enjoying immensely the journey and adventures you are having and paddling vicariously with you. I’m now even more looking forward to getting down there to enjoy the 7 mile bridge and the aquatic life first hand. Jim, looking good with your new paddle…great paddles sure can make the difference! Paddle onward and around!!!! 🙂

  2. Mandy Barringer says:

    Sounds like heaven with the clear water and marine life! Enjoy and best wishes to you both 🙂

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