Making Miles in the Keys


Gus dropping us off at Card Sound

So here’s our plan- get as many miles as we can everyday while in the Keys. Since Gus is here with his truck and trailer (a big help), he will shuttle us to a start point then pick us up at our end point. Then repeat this until we find ourselves in Key West. Once complete, we start at the north end and work our way up the east coast. No sense paddling the same water twice.

We begin in Card Sound and catch the tides across Largo Sound to Harry Harris County Park. It’s about a 22 mile paddle. It didn’t feel like it since we rode the currents and the wind the whole way.

The next day we go from Harry Harris County Park to mile marker 77. We got to explore Indian Key on this day. Very interesting.

Next, we paddle from mile marker 77 to near mile marker 61 Duck Key. We hit some strong currents and moderate chop across some of the bridge channels in this section.

BTW, Jim is becoming a sort of ” shark whisperer”. A 6 foot Mako swam under his boat the other day, then he spotted a 2 foot the next. Remarkable.

We’re happy with the mileage so far.

Cistern used by settlers on Indian Key in the 1800’s


Jim and Marc


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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  1. Maryellen says:

    I don’t know your time frame, but I’ll be in Marathon, FL (near Sombrero Beach) which is on the ocean side. You all will be paddling down and then back up the east coast. I should be down there (1/24 – 2/1) while you 2guys are making your way down one side or the other. Any way I can give you my cell # w/o it being public. That would be another highlight of my trip. Me and my friends could be your river angels on the east side making your way back up 🙂

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