Whitehorse Key


Sand in tent. It just Blows in!

We have cell coverage so here’s the latest.

The tide and current leaving Marco Island gave us a much needed push down the Marco River to the Gulf. It was breezy and we can see the clouds of the latest cold front in the sky moving in. The wind is suppose to start gusting around 1600 hrs. and the temps will drop down into the low 40’s. Far better than what the rest of the country is experiencing but still cold for two wet paddlers.

We saw a bunch of dolphin feeding in the River and Gulf today. One set of fisherman used the feeding dolphin to know where mullet and other fish were. We watched them cast nets and hail in a bumper catch of fish. Amazing!

As we near Whitehorse Key we ask a local fisherman if there are any beaches on the leeward side of the island. He said no and suggested going to Panther Key. He thought the beach was higher and better for camping there.

We almost paddled the extra mile but first scoped out the other side of Whitehorse Key which had a small beach. We were beat and decided setup camp there. It offered some protection but still the wind howled and blew sand into our tents. Not much firewood around but we picked up enough sticks to have a small fire. The Firestarter Logs worked great.

The morning temps were in the low 40’s but with the wind it felt like the 30’s. There was a wind chill advisory until 1000 hrs so we wait until then to shove off

We can’t seem to get a break from the wind. It was gusting up to 24 mph but still we trudge on. Again dolphin everywhere. So much fun. Watching them circle our boats in search for food. We see a pelican dive bomb the water catching fish on occasion too.

We near Indian Key and take the main channel to Everglade City. We are in a small cottage rental at Glades Haven. Nice to be out of the weather. Hot shower will feel good. Re-supply options here are limited but we still walk a quarter mile to a small store and pick up some extra food.

Tomorrow we go to the Ranger Station across the street and obtain our permits for our campsites through the Everglades. We will take the Gulf route (preferred) instead of the inland Wilderness Waterway. The weather looks better for the coming week.

Until the next cell coverage area….

Advance Around!

Jim and Marc

PS- it’s Jim’s birthday tomorrow. He turns 50!!


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  1. Trinka says:

    We miss you! Hope all s well! Cannot wait to hear about your travels through the Everglades and Keys.

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