Radio Silence…..

Heads Up!

We are entering the Everglades section and cell phone coverage will likely be spotty for the next week. That means no posts. However, our GPS trackers will be operational so check out the “Track Us” tab to follow our progress.

We spent part of the day going over charts, double checking the route, and entering GPS points. The weather reports here are conflicting. It’s supposed to turn colder and the winds may kick up. Should be interesting.

We land in Everglades City Tuesday, get our camping permits, then push through to Flamingo.

Stay tuned….

Marc and Jim


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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3 Responses to Radio Silence…..

  1. One Big Swamp with plenty of those Fancy Boots and Handbag donors, “Gators” that is. If one get’s after you, you got to hit him behind the or between the eyes while dodging his sharp Teeth.
    What site do we need to go to to track your GPS location?? BG

  2. Cynthia Britz says:

    Good luck in the Everglades!

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