Shell Key


Sorry for the delay in updates. We’ve had a spat of good weather and have had some wonderful paddle days. Amazing how much fun it is when the wind and the tides are in your favor.

We’ve camped on a series of key and spoil islands. Some were better the others. Meaning some had nice grassy spots to setup a tent or it’s been a sandy beach. Leaving Hudson Beach we each carried a firelog on the back of our yaks and enjoyed them at night. The spoil islands rarely have available firewood.

Yesterday we paddled to Pass-A-Grille and beached our boats then walked around the small town. Some locals recommended the Sea Horse for eats. We had a great Cuban sandwich with black beans and yellow rice. Yum!
Then it was only a couple mile paddle to Shell Key.

Today we cross Tampa Bay. The danger here is commercial boat traffic. The cruise ships and tankers are deceivingly fast so timing is essential. We spent last night sitting on the beach studying the commercial boat traffic patterns. It was almost like watching airplanes line up for landing. Pretty remarkable.

More later.

Advance Around!

Marc and Jim



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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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  1. JOHN O'HARE says:

    You two crazy guys are amazing! Hope for calm water and friendly winds! Advance around!

  2. Debbi Clifford says:

    Hi Jim & Marc
    Congratulations on getting across the bay! Hope your crossing was relatively uneventful! Enjoy the great weather and relaxation in Sarasota for the holiday. Advance around!

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