Coquina Beach


Headed out this morning full of nervous energy. The dreaded Tampa Bay crossing was commencing.

We sprinted from Shell Key looking for any large ships headed in our direction. None seen.

Egmont Island sits in the middle of the bay and would be our first safe haven. There’s a lighthouse there to serve as a navigational aid for the commercial shipping. The water was a bit choppy as we entered the main channel but nothing we haven’t experienced yet.

The island provided us a bit of safety. Still no large ships spotted.

As we crossed the other side the water became even more choppy. Several swells slashed our spray skirts. Some even splashed our faces. Paddle on!
We crossed the next section without incident.

We paused for a moment as we reached the point across the bay to eat a snack before proceeding on towards Bradenton Beach.

We noticed several tourists pointing out into the ocean and discovered there were a bunch of small sharks feeding about 40 yards from us. Cool!

At Bradenton Beach the local lifeguard blew his whistle frantically at us. Apparently we got too close to the beach and were being warned to paddle further out. Marc blew his whistle back at him and waved.

A couple more miles and we land at Coquina Beach. The 600 mile mark. We find the Kokonut Hut. And enjoy some adult beverages and high fat appetizers to celebrate.

What a great day ….,.

Marc and Jim.


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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9 Responses to Coquina Beach

  1. cmerunu2 says:

    Jimmy and Marc congrats on your adventure. I’m enjoying the pictures, but I have to ask, What’s up with the hair Windle? Are going trying to get the Miami Vice Don Johnson thing going …. you are so handsome. Love you guys, stay safe.

  2. Mike and Eileen Fain says:

    Brings back such fun memories! My family used to go on day-cations on the boat to Egmont Key and Caladesi Island after launching at Fort Desoto State Park. Many times we climbed those steps all the way up to the top of the lookout tower. My sister and I used to dig for coquina’s for hours and the boys would go out fishing or water-skiing in the deeper water with my Dad. Congrats on reaching the 600 mile mark and enjoy that beautiful coastline of FL. Merry Christmas to you two kayak pioneers!! Hope Santa can find you with his gps 🙂

  3. Patsy W. Kanagy says:

    Crossing Tampa Bay must have been scarey! Lots of water and huge ships. Wow! You much feel a great accomplishment. Congrats! Patsy Kanagy

  4. How Close was too close at the Beech? We have had our Jet skis within 50 yards of that beech before and I guess maybe didn’t hear the Lifeguards but never saw them waving us off either.. BG

  5. Maryellen says:

    Wow! Sounds like a great day, especially the part where you have safely crossed Tampa Bay…took a look at it this morning and saw the islands which would be your safe havens. Also thankful the sharks were not feeding on you 2guys! Cheers ~ paddle on and around! Kudos on the 600 mile mark…almost halfway! 🙂

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