500 Miles!


Wow! We crossed the 500 mile mark yesterday. A third of the paddle trail now complete. It’s been a challenge but at the same time motivating us for the sections ahead.

Some of the things we’ve learned so far:

– There are a lot of great and supportive folks out there
– Sand gets everywhere
– Tailwinds help double our mileage
– Mullet are vegetarians, you catch them with a net
– Carrying a fire log on the back of your yak can be fun
– Shallow water bad, deep water good
– Sticky swamp mud, paddle booties work (sort of), sandals don’t
– Two person tents are better than one person tents
– The term “motel” has different meanings to different people
– Crushed Ramen noodles pack better than block Ramen and tastes the same
– Crocs never get soaking wet!
– Sand gets everywhere
– Twitter is great for quick posts of pics and videos
– Ziplock Freezer Quart bags are like gold
– Amazing how we look forward to all your emails, comments, and tweets
– Floating dock entry and exits are becoming second nature
– The scraping sound of razor sharp oyster beds on your hull makes you appreciate your plastic kayak
– Snickers candy bars are a super food
– Wear your spray skirt!!
– You can actually paddle while taking a cat nap
– Waves just suddenly appear
– How lucky we are to be able to do stuff like this

And here’s some more courtesy of our friend Ron:

– however bad the weather is, it’s still better than the air conditioned office your friends back home are working in
– the best stories start with “you had to see this to believe it”
– bones heal, chicks dig scars, pain is temporary, glory (and great memories) is forever

Advance around,

Marc and Jim


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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    Great job guys! Look forward to your next post! Good luck!!

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