The Trail is Like a Snake

Think we did a 27 mile day today. Sure feels like it.

Not sure who routed the paddle trail through this section but we think they may have been drinking heavily. The course snaked through a maze of canals here. Funny watching the GPS and seeing the route run straight through what’s labeled “Wetland”. So frustrating.

There was a couple spots we had to get out of our yaks and walk them through the muck and scallop beds. We were careful not to cut our feet on the razor sharp scallops. Marc still somehow managed to get a cut on his upper thigh. Worry about infection.

The water was so low most of the day that our paddles barely broke the surface. Then you’d hear a big scrape on your hull and wonder how much damage was being done to the underside. Cursing was prevalent all day long. Sorry, that’s just the way it is when your trying to make time.

We were so happy at the beginning of the day. We had tailwinds pushing our boats close to 4 mph and deep water. Felt good until all hell broke loose.

Jim called the Riverpoint Motel on our lunch break to try and get a room and originally was told it was all
booked up. After a few minutes the owner Chuck Morton agreed to rent us a 3 bedroom suite. We’re glad he did.

We arrived right at sunset. Temps are dropping. Word is there will be frost in the morning. Again?!?

Chuck drove us to the grocery store and also to grab a to go pizza.

Life is good.

Marc and Jim


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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9 Responses to The Trail is Like a Snake

  1. warrenj says:

    For the people that didn’t awake this morning at 4am Central, here is a link to the 12 minute WBT Radio Interview this morning.

    Good work, the only question missed, I thought, was about injuries on the A.T. vrs the Paddle. On the A.T. it’s the knees while on the water, the long 1-mph-day into a wind really work the wrist.

  2. warrenj says:

    At mile 567, you can have breakfast at McDonalds – complete with a floating dock. And there is a Publix grocery right there too. A young bag-boy offered to push the cart to my car; too funny, but I let him do it. On a weekday and maybe Saturday, you can catch a city bus to the Sports Authority (1,5 gps-miles) for fuel and such. I enjoyed long walks whenever possible so I stopped ahead at the Lighthouse Point Marina N27.81238 W82.76022 and walked the half mile on sidewalks. Plenty of food stops along the road and primitive camping is at mile 569 so it makes for a good day.

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