Crazy Sticky Swamp Mud


We’ve never really seen anything like it- super sticky swamp mud. But we did at the Wacasassa River Camp Site yesterday. This stuff is so yucky! Gets on you and you can’t wash it off. Thick like sludge from a burned out Chevy eight cylinder.

We arrived at the end of low tide hoping to find a nice rest spot there. Instead we found a mud filled silver of land between the canal and wetland. The entire ground was wet and pock marked with holes. Fiddler crabs?

Locals or someone else constructed plywood shelves and some sort of rudimentary structure with a roof. It didn’t look safe. Trash everywhere. Leave No Trace? Not here.

Our biggest concern was wondering if this place would flood due to high tide. We waited until after 1900 hrs and the water line came to just below the bank. Saved by 3 inches!!

Setting up the tents was the next order of business. Brand new Marmot Limelight 2PM tents. They’re wonderful. Roomy and sturdy. We’re careful not to get them muddy by trying to find the only spots with a bit of grass.

Next morning the tide was up so we had better luck launching. Still had to work getting some of the mud off our paddle booties. Our cockpits look like…. Well you can imagine.

Today the wind returned in our face and the wave action was up. We found a protected area near a point and sat in the yaks to eat a snack then back got back at it.

Most interesting sight today was the dozens of pelicans dive bombing for fish. We watched in awe for at least 30 minutes as they went into feeding frenzy mode all around us. Pretty neat.

Tonight, we are on a spoil island. There’s firewood here and kindling. We built a fire as soon as we could to dry out clothes since it started raining just before we got here.

We both are cooking dinner inside our tent vestibules since it’s still drizzling. Yes, we’re being careful not to burn down these new tents!

Early to bed. Tomorrow takes us up the windy Crystal River. Our GPS units should get a work out.

Advance Around!

Marc and Jim



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6 Responses to Crazy Sticky Swamp Mud

  1. Maryellen says:

    Only problem with that Cynthia is that the sticky mud would not wash off your face!! Yes, it would improve your complexion and your looks for a while and THEN THE MUD FALLS OFF! LOL my feeble attempts at humor for these 2guys! You 2guys ROCK! And these posts continuing to highlight the fact that this adventure is not for sissies, wimps, fair weather paddlers. I am in awe at your perseverance and undaunted optimism. YOU 2GUYS ROCK! Paddle onward and around! Enjoy Crystal River…heard it is beautiful!

  2. warrenj says:

    This next 41 miles will be interesting.

    Head winds & opposing tides tomorrow will make for a tough un-sheltered four miles before shooting the gap at the jetty at mile 455; you can land and scout it, just before – I paddled through and broke right to the calmer waters. If I am right about the wind and tide there will be 6 or 8-foot swells in that area and 3-footers to the mouth of Crystal River.

    Then the attack of the well armed, super-sized mosquitoes at mile 460; will be interesting to read your camping report tomorrow and the next. On Thursday; well, if you think finding high ground at Turtle Creek was a challenge, then you are in for a treat at Uncle Tom’s at mile 469.

    Starting at mile 480, Cabbage Creek – you will find plenty of tall grass to hide the well hidden route – and your first chance to see manatees. You’ll find Ten Palms (mile 492) is a long long paddle from Uncle Tom’s so get an early start.

    And, HEY! Nearing the 500-mile mark, just another thousand or so to the end – and it gets tougher, times-two, before it gets better.

  3. Charlie Eubank says:

    What are you cooking “blackened fork”? 🙂

  4. Cynthia Britz says:

    If you had two X chromosomes you would have smeared the sticky mud on your face to improve your complexion! Here’s hoping for a sunny day tomorrow for you two!

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