Cedar Key Zero Day


Barney, our gear guy arrived yesterday and it was as if Santa Clause came to town. He brought us two valuable pieces of gear- Croc shoes to save our shriveled up feet and Marmot Limelight 2P tents. The shoes will come in handy since the original “town and camp” shoes we originally brought just weren’t the most appropriate. Hopefully the Crocs will allow our feet to breath and recover from constantly being wet all day long.

We ordered the Marmot tents from REI several weeks ago. They’re big two person tents that will give us extra room to store our gear and be better to hang out in during rainstorms. Plus they are super easy to setup and take down. They get good ratings so we can’t wait to put them through the paces ourselves.

Cedar Key is a nice destination. Pretty laid back. The food is great too.

Now we begin the Forgotten Coast section. The guidebook warns us that the route twists and snakes around so good GPS skills are required. Should be interesting. The camp sites are spaced out weird here too. You have to do either low or high mileage and water supplies are sparse. All good practice for the Everglades.

We proceed on……

Marc and Jim


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3 Responses to Cedar Key Zero Day

  1. Maryellen says:

    Love that you all got gifts on my birthday! 🙂 LOL You’ll love the Marmot tents and the crocs you talked about in another post. Love the pics and the posts. Paddle onward and around…you 2guys are really something! Each day you 2guys go up in my estimation…true adventurers!

  2. Debbi Clifford says:

    Hi Marc & Jim
    Just caught up on all the photos, videos and audios from the last few days…thanks so much for taking all of us along on your journey! It’s a wonderful adventure! I haven’t been to Cedar Key for a few years, but it was a pretty laid back place then, and I’m glad to hear that not much has changed. Good luck with the next section, it sounds like it will be interesting…..advance around!

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