Foggy Start


We got up early today and cooked a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and Canadian bacon. Started packing the yaks and drifted off into fog covered water. We were all nervous since we had to hug the main channel markers to maintain deep water. The fear was other boats. Even going slow they can sneak up on a yak and make your life miserable. No problems thank goodness.

We had to paddle out from the Marina at least 2 mikes to reach the Gulf. Even then we all got hung up on a shallow shoal and just sat there waiting for the tide to lift our boats high enough to paddle. Finally it happened.

Not sure if you can tell by the GPS tracks how far out we are. What was eerie was being surrounded by thick fog. We all tried to stay close together and had to solely rely on our GPS units to navigate.

The fog lifted and we saw clear shallow water. Many stingrays darted under our hulls as we approached and we constantly see swirls in the water ahead indicating other fish near by. Red fish, mullet, and trout mostly.

The big news is we spotted our first shark today! It was around 4-5 foot long and swam to port of Marc then turned around and swam toward Jim’s yak. At the last minute it made a violent splash and swam away. Cool.

Interesting too that we saw the fins of stingrays as they turned and tried to fed in the grass below. They looked just like mini sharks.

Today we are at Sink Creek. It’s nice and well maintained. But it is way back in a shallow creek and will require us to time our departure in the morning.

Thanks for following everyone.

Advance Around!

Marc and Jim



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9 Responses to Foggy Start

  1. Mark Fisher says:

    Hi Guys. Mark Fisher here from Steinhatchee Kayak Tours. Glad to meet you guys on the water. What a coincidence the day I am paddling out of little sink creek, you guys are setting up camp there. Glad I could help you catch dinner!

  2. Very interesting. My GPS has a tide info page that let’s you know when the tides are on the move. That Fog can really be scary as the bigger boats running with radar more then likely pick up something as small as your Yaks. A lot of those “Go Fast” fishing boats just use the gps and Hammer down. Be carefull. I’ll send you some of this Ice Storm we are getting here tonight. BG

    • George if you want a great GPS, weather, and tide app check out the Sea-Tow app. It’s free for iPhone. I’m sure they have an Android version too. We use it all the time.

      • Yep I have seen those. Someday I will have to update my old Flip Phone and learn all the tools the new phones offer. Our Jet Ski’s move pretty fast and if we had been on them would have almost finished the trip by now. It is great to watch and see your adventure at a slow leisure pace, but don’t think I would be able to handle sitting in something that small with my long body for the length of time you guys do it every day. Enjoy reading the updates and stay warm. BG

      • Thanks George. Always enjoy your comments

        Marc and Jim

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  3. Maryellen says:

    BIG news is that the shark didn’t attack either of the yaks! Fog is eerie and scary…been there done that, but NOT out on the Gulf…wow, glad you are traveling together. Prayers for safety and for the tide to always be going and coming as you need it to be… 🙂 Didn’t know you had a SPOT tracker…is there a link somewhere I can access? I like knowing where you are on your journey.

    • Cool seeing the shark. Thanks for the prayers.

      Look on blog and find the menu bar up top. Click on the “Track Us” tab. You’ll find links to all our GPS trackers.



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  4. Marge says:

    Cool that a shark is swimming toward your yak????? You guys must be crazy.. Anyway, glad all is good…weather is really nice here now..almost wish all were coming here for Christmas…..C and kids flying to San Diego today…glad u r enjoying our beautiful west coast.. May the fog lift early and the tides stay high!

  5. Garrett W says:

    So cool! More pictures, please! Keep the updates coming!

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