Made Steinhatchee


Leaving Dallus Creek camp site this morning was a challenge. Low tide! We had to wait a couple hours for the water to flood in and even then had to drag our yaks through calf deep muck. Ever do that? The suction created by your shoes sinking into the mud is so strong you can barely pull your legs out.

The next danger is avoiding shallow oyster beds that dot the coastline here. They are very sharp and can do significant damage to your hull. So the answer is to paddle straight out to deep water. I suspect at times we’re out between 4-5 miles offshore. Yeehaw!

We did not stop for lunch on hopes this stop would be a “Nero” day. A day we have extra time to do chores since we arrive early.

The trick for us now is spotting the creek channel that leads into Steinhatchee. I’m getting really good at operating the GPS for operations like this. It makes a big difference. Even better is being able to spot places you can cut off to make a shortcut. You have to be careful that your path doesn’t lead into a dead end marsh.

As we turn toward the town, the wave action and wind kick up. We’ve seen worse. I constantly edge my yak to maintain course.

The guidebook recommends the Sea Hag Marina as a stop over. They have rooms to rent but not easy kayak access. Gus knows another place across the creek.

It’s now called the Good Time Marina. They have a ramp! The new owners are Dawn and Martin, great people who are very kayak friendly. They are even hosting a kayak jamboree here next year.

To our surprise we meet two people while here. Carol West who is from Suwannee and is expecting to host us when we get there. Carol has been following our adventure and we really appreciate the offer. We should be there in a couple days.

Next is Liz Sparks, the Paddle Trail Coordinator for the State of Florida. Liz has been so active in the paddling community. It’s good to have passionate folks like her who strive to improve the paddling experience throughout the state.

Well that’s it for now. Have to go was clothes, pack, and prepare for another day. Early launch too so we can beat the incoming tide.



(L-R) Marc, Liz Sparks, and Jim


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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5 Responses to Made Steinhatchee

  1. Debbi Clifford says:

    Hi guys…hmmm,lots of good sticky mud around here at low tide!! So much fun!? Glad to see that you are making good progress south. You both have acquired good Florida tans since you left Wakulla! Perhaps we’ll be able to join the kayak jamboree next year in Steinhatchee, sounds like a great time. Serge, Doc & I wish you a safe journey with the wind at your backs…advance around!

  2. Maryellen says:

    Great to hear from you 2guys! I have been watching for your posts…my sister lives in Florida and I’ve been coming down to see her every year for about 20 years, but only started paddling 4 years ago. I have been trying to paddle a different river every time now!! Steinhatchee is one that is on my list. I’ve paddled parts of the Santa Fe, and Santa Fe Lake (its source), Silver Springs, Depot Creek, St. Joseph Peninsula Bay, Holmes Creek, Merritts Mill Pond, Ocheesee Pond (cypress maze forest), and King’s Bay/Three Sisters Spring to paddle/swim with the manatees, and the Chassahowitzka…so I have a lot more paddling to do in Florida!!! So enjoy hearing of your adventures. A lot of think about in paddling the Gulf as you are doing. I would be nervous getting 4-5 miles out but I totally see the need as to why. When I paddled St. Joseph Peninsula Bay, it was so shallow…could not get the length of the paddle in the water…7.25 miles of that…yes, hard work! Kudos to you 2guys…glad you have each other on this amazing adventure! Paddle Onward and Around! 🙂
    Don’t know if you know Janet Sullens Moreland, but she is paddling the last leg of her 3,700 mile descent from Source to Sea (Brower’s Spring, MT to Gulf) TODAY! She started back in April when Brower’s was under 10 ft. snow. There were the usual challenges, but she’s done it and still smiling! First American, First Female! Inspiring. Just like you 2guys! Thanks for taking us along with YOU!

  3. Marge says:

    Sounds like another fun day.. Have lived in Florida for over 40 years and have never heard of most of the places u talk about! Do u know yet when u might be in Ft. Myers..May the wind continue to push u along…

    • warrenj says:

      My trip paddle statistics would put them in Ft Myers on January 2nd 2014 plus or minus 2 days. San Carlos Island is mile 707 and they are at mile 356 today. I would go with the plus two 🙂

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