Did We Miss the Train?


This rooster is guarding our kayaks!

It got cold last night but even more frigid temps are expected over the next few days. This big cold front is dipping so far south and wreaking havoc on our paddling. Reports tell us the temps will go as low as 28 degrees here which well exceeds our clothing limits.

Our goal today was to paddle to Spring Creek Launch and Campground. The route took us back into the Gulf and of course the winds were in our face the entire day. Paddle, edge, brace, repeat. We think this ranks as our toughest day so far.

Because of the low temps and high winds we are once again having to stay over an extra night. The semi-good news is we are in an old camper and not in tents. Heat is minimal inside and no hot water but we have a sink and working propane stove.

The owner, Mrs. Spears, drove us to a Dollar General store about 5 miles away so we could buy food for our stay. This way we don’t have to dip into our food supply for the next several days.

Check out audio blog for more details.

Marc and Jim


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9 Responses to Did We Miss the Train?

  1. Debbi Clifford says:

    Hi Marc & Jim
    I hope you stay warm and dry tomorrow. Today was definately not a nice day to be on the water around here! Next time you’re paddling in Wakulla county, perhaps we will have better weather! You both have an open invitation join Serge & I for to pizza and beer in Sopchoppy any time! Stay safe and have an amazing trip to Georgia.

    • Debbi,
      Thanks for being true followers. You guys have gone above and beyond. Still shaking our heads at the wonderful hospitality. Can’t wait to point these yaks south and get warm temps back.

      Sorry we missed Serge. Send our apologies.

      BTW, the banana nut bread was devoured. So good.

      Happy holidays,

      Marc and Jim

  2. Maryellen says:

    Oh, and P.S., it’s snowing here. brrrrrr….

  3. Maryellen says:

    Mr. Rooster looks like and plump and maybe a little too cocky! Guess he thinks he’s safe due to all the turkey hunters! LOL These cold spells don’t usually last too long. Hey, if it were easy, then anyone could it, and we know that’s not the case! And besides, you’ll weather this and have even more adventure stories to regale for years to come. This is a memory-making expedition for 2 very worthy causes. Hunker down knowing that joy comes in the morning…it’s Florida, the sunshine state! 🙂

  4. John o'Hare says:

    I don’t think you missed the train. I think you are on the Crazy Train! 29 degrees in Fla! Stay warm and safe Marc and Jim. And if you get tired of eating canned tuna that rooster would make a tasty meal!

  5. I was sort of thinking about you guys with this very cold front moving down from Canada. Sort of wondered about the timing of doing the trip this time of year. Too bad it couldn’t have been done early Spring and into summer where you would be almost in just sleeveless shirts and shorts all day long. Think warm while I go look for the “Snow” shovels here in Tennessee. BG

    • Crazy stuff George. Bugs in summer, waves in winter. Ironically November is the preferred start period. You want to be in the Keys in the dead of winter. Plus getting past hurricane season is crucial.

      Spring? Hmmmm……..

      Thanks for following.

      Marc and Jim

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