Do You Believe in Angels?


Last night was a symphony. Owls screeching in the woods, grunts from unknown animals, and the patter of little feet near our tents. We were way out in the middle Tate’s Hell.

The morning brought cool temps but would warm up into the 80’s. We shoved off into a fog covered mirror like river.

Paddling was great. We left the Crooked River and entered the Ochlockonee River. Again the flow was with us. The only trouble was crossing an old exposed railroad trestle crossing the entire width of the river. Jim’s yak hit a submerged timber and his yak came to an abrupt stop. He thought his hull was cracked at first. Marc hit a submerged object too and couldn’t cross, almost getting his yak wedged due to the flow. He had to paddle back and try another section finally getting through.

We spotted lots of gar and speckled trout surfacing the water in search of food and also spotted another alligator floating along in the water. It submerged as we approached. Eerie thinking what lies below the black water.

Our yaks made good speed hitting between 4-5 mph. Yippee!

We made it to Holiday Campground. The tenting sights here are stuck in the corner next to a fence separating the property from the main road.

We need groceries for the next leg so our guidebook mentions we can call a local cab to take us to the grocery store. As we start to call a car pulls up and a female inside. It’s Debbi, Serge’s partner! She’s come to check on us. Amazing!

Debbi takes us to the grocery store, gives us a tour of her workplace, and even gives us some firewood for later tonight. How nice!

We offer to buy her dinner so we head over to Sopchoppy Pizza for some great food and good conversation. Thanks Debbi!

Now as we settle into camp we can hear bad karaoke blaring from the bar across the street from the campground. Oh to be back in the wilderness.



About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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3 Responses to Do You Believe in Angels?

  1. Maryellen says:

    Absolutely believe in river angels! So many want to be a part of your journey, get to meet you, and enjoy watching you succeed on your quest to paddle around Florida! I cannot be down there to assist you in any way on your journey but I can be here praying for your safety, your coping skills as the challenges rise up to meet you, and for your ultimate success…and the the river angels will come… 🙂

  2. Tara Moore says:

    You guys need to write a book for your adventure when you get back. Be safe!

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