A Night in Hell


Doc fishing in the pond.

Today we paddled the Crooked River against the current. The scenery here is totally different. Looks like gator country but so far no sightings. We did see several Kingfishers. So cool.

We stopped at one primitive camp sight to take a break and eat a snack. It was nice with a picnic table and fire ring.

Our destination today is La Lutra run by Serge and Doc. Swamp men of sorts. Their place is up Pine Log Creek just before the Hwy 67 bridge. We find it without any problems.

Serge and Doc greet us with “Welcome to the Gates of Hell!” Their property borders the Tate’s Hell Preserve. Very eclectic.

Serge offers to drive to the store and get us some needed Coleman fuel for our stoves and he and Doc will be grilling pork spareribs, potatoes, and corn. So good.

Our tents are setup next to a spring fed pond now. We’ve eaten and are sitting around a roaring fire. Debbi, Serge’s partner in life and business, stops by too. Great conversation.

We are slowly creeping towards the Big Bend area. It will be the most remote area yet.

Advance Around!



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