Entering Crooked River

We stealth camped last night about 6 miles outside of Carrabelle. It was a nice spot but the sand fleas were out in force. Seems like they laugh at DEET.

We woke up to a low tide and had to drag our yaks several hundred feet out in order to get enough depth to float. It was very shallow along the route in spots. Many times we ran aground and had to monkey crawl our boats off the sandy bottom.

Of course the wind was in our face. So frustrating. We end up laughing off the pain. Why complain?

Then we spot the channel leading into Carrabelle- the Crooked River. Paddling was nice. No wind and a flood tide!

We meet up with a local paddler and his wife Tom and Katy Herzog at the C- Quarters marina. They take us to the Carrabelle Junction restaurant for lunch and good conversation. Tom also shares his knowledge of the Big Bend area. It was a great help. Thanks Tom and Katy.

We also meet Christina Saunders. She has land along the River and has allowed is to camp there tonight. Thanks so much!

Tomorrow we head up the Crooked River and into the gates of Tate’s Hell. Good chance of spotting black bear on this leg of the trip.

Not sure about cell phone coverage so posts and audio updates may be delayed.

Thanks for following along everyone. Your notes, emails, comments, and tweets have been a big moral booster for us.

Advance Around!


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9 Responses to Entering Crooked River

  1. Scott Chamberlain says:

    Mark, Jim, if you paddle faster and reach Marco next week, I’ll wade out with a turkey drumstick as you cruise by…Thrilled to be following your journey…Telling all our friends…Good luck and may the tied always be at your back…Chambo and Donna

  2. Jeannen McKnight says:

    Hey Marc when I was in boot camp at Parris Island we eaten up with sand fleas. The only thing that worked was Avon’s Skin So Soft. If someone can get it to you…you just apply it to exposed areas. A little goes a long way and no bugs will alight! It does have a scent but won’t last and it might even protect your skin against the elements. Safe travels…

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