Coastal Cold Front


We expected to paddle off this morning but a coastal weather system is wreaking havoc here with high winds, lightning, and dense fog. Better being safe than sorry. We decided to stay here in Apalachicola one more night.

The yaks are secured on the floating dock next to their big brother yachts. We are still drying out gear and exploring our surroundings.

Food is great but expensive. Probably do a frozen lasagna and microwave veggies for dinner.

Tomorrow looks promising as we head toward Carrabelle.


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6 Responses to Coastal Cold Front

  1. Serge Latour says:

    We are really looking forward to your arrival here in Tate’s Hell. Please let us know when you get to Carrabelle and will start up river. Yesterday, the Crooked River was flowing quite well towards Carrabelle. 2+ k in some areas. Once you get past the Sawgrass you will be down low and mostly out of the wind. Welcome to the “Gates of Tate’s Hell”. There is plenty of fresh Artesian Well water to drink, hot showers, and a modest choice of camping options. Serge & Doc.

  2. warren says:

    Nice to be able to share lodging expenses, huh? I’ll go ahead and mention that the east coast ICW is nothing like that Big Ditch you just finished. On sections of the east coast there are limited stops, but aside from one section they have good speed limits and way more places for day-stops with hamburgers. I don’t know if you have worked out the drinking water issues for Big Bend, but two one-gallon jugs tied together and slung over the deck like saddle bags will work. The small convenience store near the Holiday Campground at mile 257 has jugs and there is a large grocery store up the road toward Panacea.

    • warren says:

      BTW… 200 miles!!!!! That is about the distance that normal adventures pull the plug on their epic journey. All of your armchair friends would have already bailed. Good work!

  3. John O'Hare says:

    It was great talking to you today Marc! Sorry I missed Jim but nothing should come between a man and his cigar! Godspeed and Advance Around!

  4. Doug Wright says:

    Hi Marc, Jim,,very interesting following along and wish ya’ll the best in completing this journey. Im curious why you didn’t start at the Alabama/Florida border….or at least further west from where you started…

    • Hey Doug,
      Thanks for following. We started at Big Lagoon State Park on the Alabama/Florida border and will end at Fort Clinch at the Georgia border. Check out the “track us” page.


      Jim and Marc

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