Thank you Starr Crocker!

Quick update-

Perception Kayaks came through! They replaced my kayak after hearing about the leaky rear hatch cover. I want to especially thank Starr Crocker at Perception for taking the lead in making all this happen. Also, Barney, our gear guy, for coordinating all this with Starr. Amazing!

The new kayak has been delivered and secured in Sarasota FL. I will pick it up there and complete this journey in my standard yellow yak.

All the best,


About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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4 Responses to Thank you Starr Crocker!

  1. Maryellen says:

    That’s great news, Marc! My first kayak was a 9.5 ft. Perception Sundance and I put 300 miles on it the first year. I would love to have a long sea kayak and I’m becoming more and more impressed with yours as your journey continues. The fact that you didn’t completely swamp when the rear hatch was defective and taking on water says a lot about your skill as a paddler AND the perception yak. Hope your new yak takes very good care of you. Love hearing from you 2guys as you paddle around Florida. Some folks dream the dream or live the dream…you guys are paddling the dream! Inspiring and motivational for me as a big river/long distance paddler wannabe!!!! Thanks for sharing and allowing us to travel along vicariously. Paddle on!!!

  2. Marge says:

    Love hearing from you.. Sounds as if things are better.. How do you get the other yak back to Charlotte.. Any idea when u will be in or around Ft. Myers..,our winds have died down nd weather back to normal….paddle on..

  3. Nancy Mayer says:

    Really appreciate your sharing this journey with us wanna-be kayakers. Be safe. Nancy.

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