From Sand to Land

Jim and I camped on a sandy berm last night. Luckily the rain held off until after we set up the tents. The drizzle began so we cooked dinner inside the vestibule. You have to be careful doing this so your tent doesn’t go up in a flash of flames. Ahhh, hot food.

It rain hard all night. Some drips inside my tent but nothing major. Apolacachicola is only about 4.5 miles ahead. We intentionally planned it this way so we can do a Nero day- getting in early then having all day to prep, do laundry, grocery shop, etc…

We paddle with the tide for once. Jim hit 5mph! Tonight we are staying at the Water Street Hotel and Marina. Maneuvering the floating dock was tricky but no mishaps. This place is nice. Separate rooms, full kitchen, washer/dryer, and balcony. Grocery store is only .8 mile away and there’s a raw oyster bar just down the street.

I’m trying to update videos and pics now. Bear with me if some are out of order.




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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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