Wonderful Hospitality


Kudos to Dave and Eileen from Pennsylvania who we met days ago at Topsail Hill State Park. By pure coincidence they were camped right next to us yesterday. Dave did a double take when he saw us lug our gear to the site then paddle our yaks on shore. He finally recognized us. So happy to see him again.

Dave drove us into town for a grocery store run and we enjoyed sitting around the campfire with them last night.

Kudos also to park volunteers Ray and Laverne who helped us with gear transfer. Laverne made some fabulous gumbo and shared it with us. Yum! Great folks too.

Jim and I are blown away by this hospitality.

We survived the temperature drop last night but the winds were horrendous. Thought the tents would blow over a couple times during the evening.

Oh, then this morning Dave and Eileen invited us over for warm coffee and a hearty egg, sausage, and home frie breakfast. So good.

We also connected with Len Warren a local paddler who shared some alternative route information. Thanks Len!

Our plan now is to take the ICW to Apalachicola. Thus should give us some protection from the weather and help us make up some lost time.

Marc and Jim


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2 Responses to Wonderful Hospitality

  1. Maryellen says:

    Sounds like a great plan to take the ICW and get back on track! And isn’t paddling in the South grand with all that southern hospitality! 🙂 Enjoy and savor all these delicious moments to help you on your journey!

  2. Charlie Eubank says:

    Sweet. Don’t get spoiled with all that good hot food and neighborly assistance !

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