Grayton State Park

Another hard paddle day. Big 3-4 ft. rollers crashing over the deck. But can’t keep our eyes off this beautiful emerald green water. You can see the bottom at 20 ft. Jim kayaked through a large school of pompano and yellow tail today. Wow!

Have to work on our surf landings. Marc speared Jim in the back with the bow of his yak. New piggyback techniques we’re perfecting. A few beach goers were clapping. Obviously impressed.

Now we are enjoying a nice roaring fire in a metal grill at our spacious pavilion camp spot.

However we do share this pad with some monster cockroaches. Jim thought one if them was his sandal until it walked away.

Advance Around!!



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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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4 Responses to Grayton State Park

  1. Big George says:

    Interesting about the “Bugs” Get prepared for some of the Gators a little farther South. Stay safe.

  2. Mike vergili says:

    Hope you had sushi for dinner! Hang tough – if you get tired, just tie a couple of the cucarachas to your feet! At least ur not paddling around the state. Wait. That’s next!!!

  3. Marge says:

    Marc. Palmetto bugs in Florida, not cockroaches….just sounds better…Hope tomorrow is an easier paddling day….be safe…

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