Marc’s Rear Hatch Still Leaking


Drats! There’s still water getting in to Marc’s rear compartment. Jim swapped his cover to see if it helped but discovered the problem is actually the lip around the hatch is deformed causing both sides to narrow and leak. We are talking floppy loose fit!

Quick fix is duct tape around the entire lip to build it up. It helped a little.

Plan now is to take a zero day in Fort Walton and make arrangements to get replacement yak. That’s the safer option once we hit the Gulf soon.

More details soon.


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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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3 Responses to Marc’s Rear Hatch Still Leaking

  1. Gus Bianchi says:

    I’d opt for a larger yak with a rudder. I saw a kayak dealer just after the Destin Bridge going East. The Army Rec Center motel is within a mile. Good Luck. Gus

  2. Maryellen says:

    Safety is paramount; you’ll feel more comfortable hitting the big water! Prayers…

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