Marc has a Replacement Yak!


So a lot has happened over the past 24 hrs. It became apparent Marc’s rear hatch problem wasn’t going away. Tomorrow we actually head into the Gulf and for safety reasons it was just better to try and get a replacement yak. Luckily Marc’s girlfriend Kim has the exact same model kayak and suggested he use it. But how to get it down here?

The answer was Kim’s brother John. He drove 10 hours and delivered the kayak this evening to Fort Walton Beach. What a remarkable guy!!

John is a hydrologist by trade and president of Remosol, Inc. He actually measured the rear hatch of all the kayaks ( all the same model) and discovered my rear hatch was a quarter of an inch smaller along the sides. An obvious defect.

Our gear guy Barney has been in touch with Perception Kayaks to see if they will resolve the matter. Stay tuned. At least Marc had a temporary yak to continue the journey.

Special shout out to all the staff at the Quality Inn Bayside for being so kind and accommodating. Tosca, Kate, and Rick all bent over backwards to make our stay enjoyable.

BTW, please check out our audio updates. Just look up top across the menu bar and click the “audio” tab.

Jim and Marc


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3 Responses to Marc has a Replacement Yak!

  1. Maryellen self says:

    So amazing how all this has worked out through efforts of many (especially Kim and John); prayers were answered. You guys are in the right place in time and obviously meant to be paddling around Florida together! This just demonstrates you are ready for whatever challenges you may face! You are ready for this…honored to have fortuitously coming across your blog…long story, but am anxious to follow you two in the making of your big story! Paddle on!

  2. Becky Evans says:

    Too crazy you guys are already experiencing problems so early on in your journey, but with God’s grace and mercy it looks like things are working out for you. Guess we have to all be thankful for great friends and family who are willing to step up when needed. Marc, that had to have been scary to look back and see your yak under water….but I bet those dolphins were way cool tho!! Hoping the weather continues to go in your favor and no more problems arise. This is such an major thing you guys are doing and letting those of us too scared to step foot in the ocean live vicariously through your posts. Best of luck!!!

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