The Day the Dolphins Came

Last night the wind howled at our camp sight. It was so bad, the stakes on Jim’s tent actually ripped out of the ground. It was a warning of what the day would hold for us.

We launched okay but quickly saw the rough chop on the water just as we paddled offshore. Our next camping spot was on the other side of the channel so we decided to make a dash there. We thought the wind would be calmer there too.

As we made it to the middle, the swells really started getting bad-3 to 4 feet. At times I actually lost sight of Jim. Then all of a sudden, Jim speeds up, leaving me behind. I’m sort of stunned at this especially since I was maintaining the same paddle stroke cadence.

Slowly, I began to worry. Pods of dolphin show up on either side of my yak. So close I can literally reach out and touch them. Then it became apparent- I’m in trouble.

I began to really battle. My paddle strokes seem to be doing nothing. Heck, I can’t even steer the yak. Then I realized my rear compartment must be flooded. I turn around and notice the rear deck almost completely submerged. I struggle and finally make it over to Jim. One look and he sees the problem too.

We make it to a beach and discover the rear compartment and day hatch completely full of water. After pumping it out we discover the rear hatch cover has become very loose. So loose both sides are not sealing at all. I have no idea why this has happened all of a sudden. It sealed perfectly before.

Our temporary solution is to wrap a nylon strap around the hull and the hatch cover to keep it pressed down. Not sure how long this will last.

Fingers crossed. 1479 more miles to go…….



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We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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  1. Strong winds today up your way but hopefully warming a bit. Stay safe and paddle on!

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