Arrived in Pensacola- Recon Launch


Jim picked me up at 7:00am in Charlotte and we loaded the yaks. Bob, a neighbor stopped by to give us some
encouragement and told us he wished the pythons were small, the gators had no teeth, and the raccoons were blind! What a hoot.

We arrived in Pensacola about 4:00pm. Traffic wasn’t too bad except around Atlanta. After checking into our motel, we decided to do a recon of the launch site at Big Lagoon State Park. After we found the kayak launch site who shows up? Wes and Carol- former co-workers from Charlotte!!! So nice to see them here. What a big surprise.

Now the plan is to meet at Flora Bama Lounge and Package for some oysters and cold beer. Sounds like the perfect food before embarking on this journey.



About Kayak Around Florida

We're two guys who paddled kayaks around Florida.
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11 Responses to Arrived in Pensacola- Recon Launch

  1. Bon voyage, have some oysters and beer for me.

  2. George Rinehart says:

    Make sure you have some type of Sunscreen. Long trip but aside from the overnight sleeping on the ground with those Gators around I think it will be great. BG

  3. Martha says:

    Smooth waters and wind at your back!!

  4. Jeannen McKnight says:

    Good luck you two! Best wishes, best seas and weather too. I will be living an adventurous life vicariously through your epic trip.

  5. Dickie says:

    Good luck on the morning launch. Remember to leave Wes and ashore. May the kayak gods be with you. Mark did remember his sleeping bag……..right?

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