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Warriors and Water- Our Charity Focus

Jim and I get asked often if we’re doing this paddle for any particular charity or organization.  Yes!  This adventure gives us the opportunity to raise awareness for a couple areas of individual interest. For Jim, it’s the Wounded Warrior … Continue reading

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Nice Equipment Display

Jim set up an equipment display to show off.

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Most Common Snakebite in Florida?

Why it’s the dusky pygmy rattlesnake, as seen here on SnakemanPCFL’s youtube channel. -Marc

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Pack, Re-pack, Cuss, and Moan

There comes a point when planning any adventure that you hit a wall. For me, it comes when I start laying out stuff. Where did it all come from? Cuss, moan, scratch head, think…. Salt air in my nostrils should … Continue reading

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Sarasota visit

Just visited Sarasota to see current conditions and visit family. Set up emergency planning and logistical support connections for evac if necessary. Jim

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Top Med Kit Items

Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and povidone-iodine will get transferred into small Nalgene bottles. Only need 1-2 oz. of each. Neosporin, Benadryl, anti-diarrheal tabs, Vitamin I (ibupropfen), bandaids, large safety pin, tweezers, tube of super glue, and lighter will all fit inside … Continue reading

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Planning Frenzy!

It’s coming down to the wire.  Jim and I are in the final stages of laying out all our gear.  The biggest question is what our clothing options are.  We know the air and water temps at the beginning and … Continue reading

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A Windy Day and “How to Trick Out a Yak”

Jim decided to go out yesterday and do another paddle. He asked me to go but I’ve just been too busy doing other stuff in prep for the trip. The conditions on the Lake were horrible- wind and white caps. … Continue reading

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Mark Those Calendars!

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Felt Good to be Back on the Water

Jim and I did a recovery paddle on Lake Norman yesterday. It was a perfect day on the water. We had a nice leisurely mid-morning paddle to see how our bodies would respond after taking time off due to our … Continue reading

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