The Human Shoulder

I’ve been taking it easy the past several weeks due to a sore right shoulder.  My best guess is I injured it loading/ unloading the kayak after a long paddle.  Jim and I had worked up to doing between 15-18 miles without any problems.  This progression was slow and methodical over the entire Summer.  Didn’t want to risk any injuries….

At the onset of the soreness I began treating myself by taking NSAIDS, icing/heating the area,  and doing a series of shoulder exercises using Thera-Bands.  But when all this didn’t seem to offer any improvement  I scheduled an appointment with my Orthopedist.

The examination showed I have full range of motion and no acute pain when manipulated.  This is encouraging.  But I do have occasional numbness and tingling at various times during the day- Crazy!  The doctor wants to know more and is scheduling an MRI to be sure there’s no micro-tears in the cartilage.  From there it will probably be a round of physical therapy.

Sure I’m frustrated by all this but not discouraged. There’s way too much invested in this trip to let this circumstance be a limiting factor.  My doctor agrees.  He’s  committed to making sure the mid-to-late October start date isn’t delayed.




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